Top Mistakes To Avoid While Working With React Native For iOS App Development Process

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React Native has become one of the new stars in the mobile app development world. With cross-platform development facilities along with astounding features, it empowers developers to create marvelous mobile applications. Further, with its cross-platform development, hire iOS developer also get to access native features for development. It helps merchants in creating platform-specific mobile apps for their business. Further, it also helps merchants in facilitating app development at an affordable rate while enjoying faster development speed as well. 

However, React Native development can be considerably tricky for developers. It is a cross-platform technology that uses javascript for implementing functionality and works on an entirely different architecture. Hence, proper pre-planning for development from the end of the iPhone app development company is a must. It will help merchants in avoiding mistakes in the new development environment while ensuring proper efficiency during the development.

With this article, we will assist you to crack the top mistakes you must avoid during the development of mobile apps using React.js. But before we dive deep into that, let us first get an in-depth understanding of some of the basics related to React Native with ease. 

React Native: Introduction And Benefits

React Native is a Javascript-based framework. It uses React as its core technology for creating Cross-Platform mobile applications. Hence, with the help of React Native, developers can craft both Android and iOS apps and help businesses thrive online without any hassles. Below is a detailed list of benefits of React Native that makes it a perfect technology for mobile application development:

  • It helps merchants to save up on the development cost for creating separate native applications and hiring two separate agencies for the development.
  • Further, React Native also has an amazingly supportive community of developers. With their assistance, solving bugs and including unique features becomes pretty easy.
  • With React Native, merchants can also implement a native navigation experience by separating UIs for OS while using the same logic. 
  • React Native inherits the component-based structure of its core technology. It makes the technology a perfect fit for iOS app development company teams to work and build applications together.
  • Moreover, with React Native, you can use multiple third-party tools for improving the quality of development and enhance its functionalities. Hence, creating unique apps using React Native has become much easier for the hire iOS app developer.

Mistakes To Avoid While Working With React Native 

From the above discussion, we can easily conclude that with the help of React Native, one can easily create amazing mobile applications. However, React Native at its core is a JS-based technology, which makes its development process strikingly different than that of the other Native technologies. Hence, staying clear of blunders is crucial for iOS app development services. To help you with it, below is a detailed list of some of the development mistakes you must avoid while using React Native:

  • Although React Native allows you to create cross-platform applications to provide a native navigation experience, you must plan the UI/UX of Android and iOS separately. 
  • The Redux allows you to handle the app data efficiently. Hence pre-planning how you can store your app’s data is a must for ensuring smooth applications
  • React Native also makes the integration of external modules an easy process. However, the external module codes tend to break a lot or create compatibility woes. Hence, rechecking these modules before integration is very crucial.
  • Developers should also avoid using stateless components in their business. Although they used to provide performance benefits, with the latest version they can become the root cause of application crashes.
  • Lastly, merchants must never avoid the process of unit testing as well. It can help them identify errors in every component with ease and avoid application crashes. 

To Wrap Up on React Native

React Native can be a great choice for hire iOS developer. It will not only facilitate faster development but also support merchants in catering to a wider range of target users. Since React Native facilitates the creation of platform-independent apps. However, to make this process successful, you must avoid the mistakes mentioned above. It will help you in creating a manageable, scalable, and Flexible iOS application for your business.

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