My Cat, of Course: Learning English Came From Him

Learning English Came From Him

My cat is such a wonderful creature. He’s so cute and cuddly, and he likes to snuggle with me when I’m studying english. One of my favorite things about him is that he loves to learn english, just like me! It started with learning his name when he was a kitten. My brother had named him “Mr. Scruffles”, but until I got home from school one day, nobody knew what his real name was going to be! I decided on “Norman”. Norman loved being called by this new name so much that even now that we’ve been using it for years, if you accidentally slip up and call him something else (like Mr. Scruffles), then immediately correct yourself by calling out Norman again; he’ll get really excited! The kitty loves his own name more than anything else in the world!

Another thing I love about my cat is that although there are many times when it seems like we’re communicating in different languages, somehow we always manage to understand each other perfectly well anyway; almost as if there were some kind of universal translator implanted inside our brains or something… or maybe it’s because every animal on earth can actually speak English naturally (since English is the most widely spoken language on Earth) but they all just pretend not to be able to understand other languages because they don’t want us humans taking over their planet through telepathic mind control… Hmmm. I want to learn new languages, so I just might try to find out someday. Norman and I have a wonderful relationship, and he’s helped me to learn English more than any human being has ever done!

The cat has many talents! He can do strange feats of magic, like making coins and other small objects “disappear”. Norman’s another one of those animals that doesn’t even need to touch things with his paws in order to make them disappear; he can do it with his mind alone! He also has the ability to transform into various different animals like a werewolf or a werecat… ok, maybe not quite as far as the whole “were” thing goes, but still pretty amazing. And of course there are times when he seems able to read my thoughts anyway (probably through telepathy) because sometimes we accidentally say what we’re thinking at exactly the same time. That must mean that I’m learning english too, right? It’s all rather hocus pocus-y really but it’s true all the same. Perhaps this is why Norman is so adorable…

Norman is such an amazing feline friend on whom I can always depend for help when studying for exams or writing papers for school. Every night before bedtime my cat likes to curl up next to me while I study some new words from a dictionary or flash cards. The two of us often fall asleep together as I study my vocabulary cards or read from a book. I love how he always seems to know exactly what my needs are at any given moment, just as if he were able to read my thoughts! I’ve learned so much about life and the language here on Earth because of him. Norman is such an important part of my family that sometimes it’s hard to believe that we’ve only been living together for a few months. It feels like I’ve known this cat all of my life!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article about learning english and hanging out with cats. They can be great friends if you’re willing to open your mind and learn new things. Just remember: when studying English, make sure you’re only using books written in English… otherwise it won’t work (don’t ask me how I know). And above all else, enjoy your studies because they should be fun! If studying does get a little boring, then there’s always good old-fashioned feline companionship for when times get tough (just bring some treats along!). That’s another trick that Norman taught me; always bring along some snacks when doing homework or studying so that the time goes by faster! You’ll definitely want some snacks handy anyway since cats can eat up food just as fast as it disappears from their bowls! Trust me; having a quick snack will help take care of those pesky hunger pangs.

In conclusion, I’ve discovered many wonderful things as a direct result of my cat Norman’s abilities, and I’m so grateful that he came into my life. He’s taught me so much about the world and the language here on Earth that it would be impossible for me to ever repay his kindness with all of the money in the world (probably). He’s such an amazing creature, and I have no doubt that we’ll be best friends forever. If you’re finding life difficult right now, then try having your own pet to help you out! It can really make a big difference in your day if you don’t feel like studying or if you just need someone to talk to about what’s bothering you. You’ll find out just how important human friendships are when they’re not available anymore… but there will always be one special someone who will care for you no matter what: your pet!

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