New Dog Checklist: Everything You’ll Need

Did you know many people found comfort in adopting pets during the pandemic? Having a new puppy requires a lot of patience and training to ensure the pup settles into your home.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn more about becoming a new dog parent.

In this new dog checklist, you’ll learn how to integrate your new pup into your household. You should pick up valuable items like a new bed, crate, and puppy food. Consider signing up for a dog discipline course, as well.

If you’re ready to learn more about pet care, keep reading.

Pick up a Dog Command Guide 

It’s helpful to spend some time training your puppy and teaching them common commands. You’ll also want to tell your family members about what you’re teaching your puppy. 

This way, your family or friends can correct your puppy’s behavior in the same way. Your puppy won’t get confused by different commands.

Make a List of Dog Parks 

Some people will bring their puppy to a dog park. This gives them a chance to socialize with other dogs and meet other puppies.

Check out local dog parks in your area. Your dog can learn how to socialize in the right manner. Dogs who don’t spend time with other animals can become possessive or even aggressive.

Exposing them to other dogs will help prevent any dog fights or aggressive behavior.

Pick up a Dog Seatbelt

You should look at getting a dog seatbelt for when you’re going on a long road trip.

Your puppy will get secured in position, and you can prevent them from getting jostled or thrown forward. 

You Should Get Some Treats 

Try not to give your puppy human food or too many treats. Your puppy could get accustomed to begging for human food and get sick. 

Don’t start them off with bad habits from the beginning. Pick up a few high-quality treats and reward your puppy’s good behavior. 

Establish Boundaries in Your Home

When you bring your puppy home, set up some boundaries. Are you going to let them jump on the couch, or would you prefer they stay on the ground or dog bed?

Will you let your puppy sleep in bed with you, or are you going to set them up in a kennel? As a puppy, it’s probably better to put them in a kennel. This way, they won’t have an accident in your bed and make bad habits.

Get Into a Walking Pattern

This will depend on the type of puppy you choose because some puppies will need more walks than others. If you have an active puppy, you’ll want to set up a walking schedule.

Think about when you can consistently bring your puppy for a walk. You might need to wake up a little earlier in the morning to bring them for a walk. Others will look at bringing their puppy for a walk daily after supper.

Find a Reputable Vet

As a new puppy owner, you should connect with a local vet right away.

You will need to make sure your puppy gets some shots to protect them. Connecting with a vet early on will ensure you keep your puppy in good health.

You might also want to find a local groomer. If your dog needs to get groomed later as they grow, you can prevent this from being a scary event.

When you introduce your puppy to the groomer from an early age, they will expect these visits and hopefully not feel as anxious.

Expect More Responsibilities

Owning a puppy is fun, but it’s a significant commitment.

You must provide your puppy with love, attention, and proper discipline. New puppies will feed more than older dogs. You should bring your puppy outdoors to use the washroom right away.

Puppies also need to get up throughout the night to go outside. You’ll also want to spend time socializing your new pup with other people, kids, and pets.

It’s rewarding and a lot of fun to have a new puppy, but you also need to put in some work.

What Kind of Puppy Will You Adopt?

Some pet mixes or breeds will suit different families.

Think about where you live and what sized dog will fit your home. If you live in a small apartment or condo, you might be suited to adopting a pug compared to a golden retriever.

If you’re active, you want a pup that will enjoy walking and running. People who prefer to stay home and relax might enjoy snuggling on the couch instead.

If you get lots of dog hair on your furniture, carpets, or clothes, you might want a pup that won’t shed. A low-shedding dog will need regular grooming, which can cost.

People with allergies will also need to choose a hypoallergenic dog. Young kids will need a dog that’s suited.

Can you tolerate barking? Do you find it super loud or tiring? Certain breeds will be more vocal compared to others.

Decide if that’s going to tire you out or if it’s cute. Also, can the other pets in your home handle get along with a new puppy? If you have a cat, you might need to acclimate them.

Mixed breed pups are pretty cute but have health issues. If you’d like a purebred puppy, do your diligence and read up on the mixed breed. You want to get a healthy pup. Some mixed breeds will have health issues.

Make sure you also research the breeders. Find a breeder that runs an ethical and healthy breeding business.

You Should Pup Proof Your House

Before you take your pup home, you’ll need to pup-proof your home. Make sure you walk around the house and get rid of things that the puppy would chew or choke on.

You will need to rearrange some furniture or decor. This will make space for indoor running around. Your pup will need an area to play. Ensure you keep fragile things where the puppy won’t knock them over.

Use Puppy Gates

If you have a lot of stairs, you’ll want to use gates. This will prevent your dog from falling and hurting themselves. Wait until your puppy can run up and down the stairs quickly.

Make sure your puppy can’t reach toxic plants. You’ll want some fencing if you have a pool or a yard. This will protect your puppy from falling into the pool or running past your property.

You should stock up on some anti-chew spray as well. Consider spraying furniture, shoes, and wires where puppies will chew.

Make sure you move any houseplants that could be toxic to the pets. Make sure you shut any of your trash cans with a snapping lid. Use a lint roller, dust mop, or vacuum if your puppy sheds.

Pick Up Enough Puppy Supplies

Your puppy will need some helpful supplies when you bring them home. Ensure you have essential items like puppy treats, a collar, leash, and food. Get a stainless steel dishwasher water bowl.

You’ll also want to get a longer leash for training your puppies. Pick up potty training pads,

Pick up some grooming supplies as well. You’ll need a dog crate, bed, and a playpen. Pick up some blankets if you’re living in a colder area.

Don’t forget to get different puppy toys. You might want to get a puppy starter kit as well. 

You Might Need Some Pet Insurance

Expect your pet to deal with a few illnesses during your ownership. They might get hurt or sick from a common bacteria or bug. You should pick up pet insurance to prevent spending thousands of dollars.

Your pet insurance will help cover a decent amount of your vet bills. You won’ need to choose between keeping your finances in order and providing optimal care.

Most people remember to get all the other equipment but don’t have the right pet insurance.

Prepare for Your New Dog to Come Home

Ensure you have the proper pet supplies for bringing your new dog home. You’ll also want to get some pet insurance, and you’ll need to get the right amount of food and water.

Pick up plenty of puppy toys and pet insurance.

Need more helpful pet tips? Check out our blog today for more information.

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