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Everybody has an opinion. And many companies have realised that what some people say about your products and brand can be valuable to your organisation. But with so many people relying on the personalities and images of influencers and KOLs these days, who can you trust to deliver accurate and suitable presentations about your products? Partnering with a KOL agency in Thailand is a good way to start making intelligent use of influencer marketing. 

Many brands recognise the value of harnessing social media to tap into their target audience, spread brand awareness, drive traffic to the website and increase the brand’s conversion rate. Instagram accounts, blogs, vlogs, and Facebook pages of known and followed influencers and key opinion leaders (KOLs) are drawing a lot of traffic and attention.

Choose the Right Spokesperson

But hiring a personality based on their popularity alone can easily backfire on a brand. The internet is eternal, as some people have found to their everlasting dismay. A frowned-upon opinion made years ago by a spokesperson your brand may be working with today can easily be found and cause damage to your brand’s reputation. 

Hiring a spokesperson should be a lengthy process. You can’t simply hire the most popular face on TV, movies or the internet. Popularity changes more often than the weather. You want to hire the best representative based on established criteria. This is why many experienced digital marketing agencies hire more KOLs than they do influencers.  

You should do a deep dive into your candidate spokesperson’s background to ensure your brand won’t be associated with any unpleasantness later on. If your spokesperson is active in another profession, you also want to ensure that they’ll have enough time in their schedule to meet your brand’s obligations. 

Design the Perfect Strategy

You also want to design the ideal strategy that takes advantage of your spokesperson’s fame or, in the case of KOLs, their respect within a certain field. 

If they’re a comedic actor, you want an ad campaign that is light-hearted and uses their talents to sell your products and services. This is the way to increase viewings, hopefully to the point where your ads go viral. 

A KOL should be used in display and video ads that highlight their strengths and reputation and tie them in closely with your brand name and products. 

Partnering with a KOL digital marketing agency in Thailand relieves you of a lot of the organisational and creative burdens of developing an ad campaign using influencers or KOLs.   

Primal is an award-winning agency that’s skilled and experienced in working with influencers and KOLs. They know how to match your brand with a spokesperson that enhances and highlights your brand’s message. They’re also skilled in developing the marketing strategies and advertisements that bring these campaigns to life. 

Contact Primal to schedule a consultation to learn more about what an influencer or KOL marketing campaign can mean for your brand with an experienced marketing partner. 

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