Party Preparation in the Sunshine State

With sunny, sandy beaches and a live-and-let-live mentality, Florida is a prime party destination for almost anyone at any time. The Sunshine State’s reputation for outlandish activity isn’t necessarily unfounded, but where extreme headlines are publicized, plenty more people are just looking to have a good time. And whether you’re hosting, a regular VIP, visiting for a festival, or new to the area and unsure where to go, you’ll want to be prepared for the next celebration.

Outside of logistics, think outside the box for ways to enjoy a party. Spend a few days a week at the gym to tone your body and grow self-confidence. Learn a party trick or two. Just don’t open a bottle with your tooth, lest you break a tooth and need to head to the dentist—Tallahassee has some outstanding ones for this reason alone. Or, bring a friend, new or old, so if the party isn’t your speed, you can head directly to the next one. Here are a few more party prep tips to keep in mind:


The host has a lot to worry about, so, often, partygoers can make everyone’s lives easier by bringing a drink or snack with them to a party. Even having a tactical 6-pack can be smart when the keg starts to churn foam. If you don’t drink, though, this is a great way to avoid the awkward conversation about what to get you to help you enjoy yourself. You can even bring your own support system or designated driver to ensure the host that you’re comfortable and having fun.

Host with the Most

Whether it’s you or someone’s house you’re heading to, the party’s host bears a significant weight in the success of a party. If there will be food, the spread should be enough to feed the guests but considerate enough of any allergies and sensitivities people might have. The soundtrack should be curated, underscoring the party’s vibe without popping any eardrums. Will there be games or a theme, and do you have all you need to perfectly capture the ambiance you’re going for? Hosting, when done well, is a rewarding experience—until the following day when you have to clean anyway.

Learn Some Party Tricks

Partygoers make a party what it is, so feel free to bring some extra flair to your next event. If it’s a backyard party, bring a hula-hoop or hackysack and start showing off your skills. Handstands, cartwheels, and backflips are always fun to see, whether they’re into a pool or not. Even knowing how to open a bottle with a lighter or another bottle—not your teeth—is a way to get a conversation going with a stranger. Whatever your skill, be practiced at it; amateur fireeaters do not often do their best work when they’re coaxed into trying to entertain.


Once you’ve made a core group of friends in the area, it may not seem like it, but Florida is a large state. The great expanses of this state won’t really be an issue if you’re hanging with some friends or going out locally to a restaurant or bar for a birthday party, but if there’s a party happening in a different city than you are in—and there’s sure to be one—planning how you’ll get there and home safely is a crucial step. Organizing safe transportation for yourself—or even friends coming to your party—will ensure you’ll be available for the next one.

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