Platinum vs Gold Investment: How to Choose


Looking to protect yourself against inflation, volatile markets, social unrest, and more? If so, you need to be investing in precious metals. No matter what happens in the market, you’ll know you can weather the storm with metal investments.

If you’re new to metal investing chances are you’ve heard a lot about gold. But did you know that platinum is another metal worth paying attention to? In fact, industrial demand for platinum is growing every year.

Wondering where to start when it comes to precious metal investing? Read on to learn everything you need to know about platinum vs gold investment.

Gold Investment

All precious metals offer you a unique level of protection. This is because you cannot inflate gold or other metals.

In times of inflation governments sometimes try to just “print more money”. This leads to inflation and the money loses its value. Luckily with gold that is not possible.

Investing in gold means you’re not dependent on banks or government stability. There are some downsides though. The price of gold will rise during times of financial difficulty.

Gold is vulnerable to hoarding. Investors will buy up gold when there are financial difficulties.

They then end up driving the price up. When the economy is thriving they will then sell the gold to buy other stocks.

Platinum Investment

Platinum is a much harder metal than gold. It is also more difficult to mine, as it is deeper under the Earth’s surface.

Platinum is often called an industrial metal. This versatile metal is an important part of many business sectors. It plays a role in machinery, the computer industry, and even in cancer treatments.

Platinum parts are in electronics and pacemakers. This metal is vital for the auto industry as well as the airline industry. Many industries are dependent on this precious metal.

When you buy platinum, you can be sure that your metal remains high in value. You’ll be entering a secure and steady market.

Platinum vs Gold Investment

You can invest in Precious Metals by buying the physical metal itself. You can also do so by participating in metal ETFs or purchasing mining company stocks.

When you begin, be sure to look at all your precious metal options. Gold is the most known precious of precious metals. As a result people often think of gold when they want to be investing.

There is however a huge advantage to diversifying your portfolio. There is far less platinum than gold. That is because of its difficult extraction process.

Platinum investing is less dependent on supply and demand. Instead, it is correlated to industrial ups and downs.

Invest Now to Protect Your Future

When researching platinum vs gold investment you’ll find that both are wise investments. Both are ways to diversify your portfolio.

Gold is tried-and-true and platinum is an industry must-have. When you invest in precious metals you are protecting yourself against market volatility.

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