An Overview to The RTE or Release Train Engineer by SAFe®

Release Train Engineer and Value Stream Engineer - SAFe® 4.0 Reference  Guide: Scaled Agile Framework® for Lean Software and Systems Engineering  [Book]

The RTE, popularly known as the Release Train Engineer is unique to SAFe®. The trio of leadership includes SAFe® Release Train Engineer, which consists of system architects and product managers. It acts as a vital role in delivering value to the ARTs or the leading Agile Release Trains. It simply means that the Agile Release Trains or RTE based on the correct data should gather the right individuals to carry our decisions, facilitate the correct meetings, have the right conversations, and make the right environment. 

In the RTE course by leading SAFe®, a candidate will be taught how to constantly improve the planning of PI, execute them, along with other primary events of SAFe®. One will find out the procedures of coaching Scrum Masters, teams and leaders in the new mindsets and processes. On top of that, one will receive the tools and guidance they require to work efficiently with distributed teams in a remote environment. 

What are the questions to be answered by Release Train Engineers or RTEs by SAFe®?

The questions to be answered by Release Train Engineers or RTEs by SAFe® are as follows:

  1. How can one serve and lead their ART?
  2. How can one form an ambience of relentless improvement?
  3. How does one execute and plan for a PI?

What will the attendees learn from the SAFe® RTE or Release Train Engineer course of Certification?

From the SAFe® Release Train Engineer certification course, the candidate will learn the follows:

  1. How by being a coach and a servant leader one can form a high-performing ART
  2. How one can foster relentless advancement
  3. How one can apply the tools and knowledge of Lean-Agile
  4. How one can lead large solutions and programs in an organisation of SAFe®

What is included in the Release Train Engineer by SAFe®?

  1. Candidates have to appear for the certification of examination of Release Train Engineer of RTE by leading SAFe®
  2. The course of certification gives the candidates aces to resources, tools and content they will require to practice access to resources, tools and content they will need to practice the framework of Agile Framework on a regular basis 
  3. Moreover, the candidate who takes part in the Release Train Engineer of RTE course of certification get membership of one year to the Community Platform of leading SAFe®
  4. Furthermore, the attendees will gain access to the collaboration of SAFe®, which is an online visual workspace
  5. You will, on top of that, get remote learning through the virtual classroom of SAFe®
  6. More importantly, the candidates will also get course materials

One can adapt to cooperative remote learning with virtual classrooms by SAFe®. When a candidate of RTE clears the examination of Release Train Engineer certification course they get a certificate of Release Train Engineer by SAFe®, along with a digital badge that promotes their accomplishments on a virtual platform. On top of that, SAFe® includes a certificated membership of one year as a Release Train Engineer of SAFe®. It will grant them access to the Release Train Engineer or RTE community of practice. Moreover, they will gain a usage guide of SAFe® RTE or Release Train Engineer with certification marks of RTE and get access to a diversity of learning resources during the journey of SAFe® in order to support licensed professionals. 

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