Sales hiring strategy: Why is it important?

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A hiring strategy can help businesses make recruitment decisions based on what’s right for them, from deciding whether it’s the right time to hire salespeople to identifying dynamic candidates.

You can have a wider impact with your sales hiring strategy: A sound sales hiring strategy reduces turnover, saves you money and helps you develop a revenue-generating sales team.

It turns out that top-performing sales reps spend more time training with their managers, according to LinkedIn’s 2020 State of Sales Report.

As part of this post, we will discuss how sales hiring has changed over time, discuss why hiring top sales reps is essential.

In the absence of a solid hiring strategy, you can make the wrong hire and end up in a recurring cycle of turnover that costs you.

Your company’s bottom line can be significantly impacted by a robust sales strategy that helps retain sales hires.

Hiring mistakes are too costly for many businesses. In addition to turnover having a direct impact on your company’s sales, as noted in the Harvard Business Review study at the start of this article.

Even when you fill an open sales position, the new hire still needs to gain client relationships and learn the ropes. In the meantime, you’re losing business.

Vaselopulos believes companies can avoid these mistakes and write about them in The Leadership Podcast. His eight key behaviors are:

Curiosity: The habit of identifying problems, posing questions, and seeking solutions

Listening: To hear both what and how, and to know why plus when

Feedback: Receiving and processing feedback quickly and willingly

Empathy: Identifying with a prospect’s emotions in a genuine way

Motivation: The ability to understand what truly motivates oneself and others

Growth Mindset: An outlook that enhances performance

Closure: Knowing when to hold on to what and when to let go

Timing: Knowing when to be patient and when to be urgent

A well-constructed question can be used to screen for these behaviors, creating situations in which they occur that are conducive to active demonstration,” he says.

Each of these steps, questions, demonstrations and situations, as well as a structured pipeline and retention strategy, contribute to a successful recruitment process.

You can identify a potential sales representative’s experience, goals, priorities, work-ethic, and personality by asking pointed questions during the interview process. 

We have written an article with the best sales interview questions and answers that you want to hear, in which you’ll learn what types of questions to ask and what information they will reveal.

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