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In Pakistan, Estateland Marketing is a well-recognized real estate firm. Estateland serves all of Pakistan with a crew of highly trained and professional specialists. The deep understanding of their motivated team members provides the client’s complete contentment, resulting in a good engagement with their consumers. The top seven real estate projects in Pakistan through blue world city are listed below.

Taj Residencia

The Taj Residencia in Islamabad would be your primary choice for a magnificent residential residence. The Sardar Group of Companies has a strong track record of delivering on its promises of being ahead of the competition and executing lucrative projects. Centaurus Mall has proven successful and accurate conception of a luxury new house and Islamabad’s business district. The Taj Residencia is yet another spectacular project that guarantees to deliver. Taj intends to have the same number of stores as Centaurus Mall but at a lower price.

Blue World City

Blue World City is among the city’s most prestigious luxury lodging societies. It is a big undertaking initiated by the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) in collaboration with the Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company. It is located in proximity to the Chakri Interchange and the newly constructed Rawalpindi Ring Road. Presently, it is among the most cost-effective accommodation operations in the neighborhood, and it has become quite popular among investors. As a result, Blue World City is the best alternative for individuals wishing to invest in a decent residence or a private plot.

Nova City Islamabad

Nova City Islamabad is a burgeoning community in Islamabad’s outskirts. The Nova City builders are in charge of the project’s design and implementation. At Fateh Jang Road along Rawalpindi Ring Road, the development is near to the CPEC route. The community is planned and developed to be centrally located between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The venture has not yet been wholly launched. Furthermore, the Nova Developers plan to debut the property pretty shortly, with all of the top-of-the-line amenities at unbelievable low prices.

blue world city

Park View City Islamabad

The Park View City is a CDA authorize splendid living area. It is strategically located in Islamabad (Zone IV). This lovely housing community is nestled amid the town’s stunning luscious green views & foothills. Park View also has a 400-foot-wide significant Boulevard that propositions instant entree to the project from the freeway and Kurri Road. Regulators have given their approval to this project, which provides a safe and inexpensive luxurious lifestyle. Of course, with its breathtaking vistas and high-end amenities, this property complex is preferred among investors.

Rabia Residency, Star Avenue

Star Avenue Rabia Residency, also referred to as Star Enclave, is among the newest communities build near the New Islamabad Airport. This residential development building boasts a cutting-edge, contemporary design with high-tech offers that are inexpensive. Therefore, it could be an advanced residential complex. As a result, they established this accommodation society to satisfy the diverse housing demand of Pakistanis, giving them the option to live in good conditions while keeping their budget under control. The housing project covers 2500 Kanals.

Park View City Lahore

Park View City Lahore is a well-designed residential property own by the vision group and situated on Lahore’s prominent Multan Road. As its names imply, Park View Lahore is abundant in picturesque vistas and an environmentally friendly atmosphere that is pleasing to the sight and leads to happy and quiet living. Moreover, a legal NOC by the Lahore Development Authority is on the site, confirming the project’s authenticity. While, apart from sophisticated living conditions. Clearly, Park View City’s excellent site and top-notch amenities are two other significant reasons it is an ideal location to build your residence.

Capital Smart City

Because of its sceneries and innovative advancement, this enterprise has the potential to become a very desirable private business in Pakistan in a short period. This project is design to provide residents with an environmentally friendly environment. This society offers several advantages for living with your family in an idealized setting. Capital Smart City will meet individuals’ business and accommodation needs. Besides this private housing organization has been give around 55,000 Kanals of land. Surely, the project would be one of the most convenient residential developments near the New Islamabad International Airport.

Furthermore, this project appears to be an excellent business opportunity. Experienced engineers and designers from all over the world have flocked to Pakistan to deliver a magnificent set of amenities to the building’s residents. Capital Smart City results from a collaborative effort between two architects, FDHL & Habib Rafiq Pvt. LTD.


The initiatives mentioned above should have broadened your viewpoint and expertise of world-class Estateland Marketing operations. Although, this business is all about customer pleasure. The property ventures that are advertising and linked with are of exceptional quality and legitimacy.

If you’re hunting for upscale residential housing, Taj Residencia is the place to be. The proximity to numerous critical hubs and built-in systems provide comfort, making it less distracting and more attractive.

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