Technology and the Pursuit of Happiness

I have been writing since I was a kid. It started out with poetry, then progressed to short stories, and eventually novels. When I was in middle school, I used to write on my computer using Microsoft Word. It wasn’t until high school when I really became interested in technology and computers. My mom had bought me a laptop for Christmas that year, but she didn’t know what brand or model she bought because it was purchased from Best Buy as a gift card. If you’re not familiar with Best Buy gift cards, they are basically like credit cards that can only be used at Best Buy for purchases (at least this is how it has worked for the last few years). Anyways…my mom went back to Best Buy and told them we had a problem with our laptop because we couldn’t get onto the internet or anything like that. They ended up telling her she bought myself an HP laptop instead of an HP desktop (which is what we really wanted). At this time in my life (I’m talking about 2007-2008), laptops were more expensive than desktops so naturally my mother thought it would be better if she spent $400 on something smaller than $600 on something bigger! As you can imagine….we were not pleased by this purchase! But don’t worry. The latest web trends were just getting started and we soon found out that HP actually did make laptops (something I was not aware of at the time). We ended up returning it to Best Buy and getting an HP desktop instead.

I’m pretty sure I wrote my first blog post on that laptop! If anyone remembers this blog, let me know! Ha ha…you probably don’t even remember it because no one ever read it. I have a feeling I didn’t have many readers back then, but there you go. It was fun while it lasted! Another interesting thing about computers is that they are extremely expensive to buy in Japan. As a college student, there is no way in hell my parents were going to pay for a $2000+ computer for me when all they needed was something around $800 if even that much for the average person. My mother ended up buying me an HP desktop as well so we could both use the internet at home without having to buy another modem or router or anything like that…which would’ve been very expensive considering how expensive these things are in Japan (and everything else). It’s nice being able to write with just your laptop…but sometimes you want more than just your laptop screen so you can look at stuff on multiple screens….or hear music from iTunes or watch YouTube videos with friends..etc etc etc.

I had a few computers in the years that followed. My first laptop was an HP Pavillion, my second one was an HP Pavilion, my third and fourth were both Macbook Pros, and now I have a Macbook Air (of course!). It’s funny how technology changes! When I was growing up, we had a desktop computer that weighed about 500 lbs…and we also had an old desktop monitor connected to it. The only time we ever used it was when we played video games or watched movies on the VCR….but these days things are so different! Computers are getting cheaper and cheaper every day while they continue to get smaller and smaller! We can carry them around in our pockets if need be! There is no longer any point in having a huge desk because there isn’t much use for one anymore (unless you just like having something big for show). Computers take up less space than desks which means more room for other things in your home office or wherever you would prefer to do your work. I love this new age of technology because I don’t have to worry about buying printers anymore (because computers pretty much print everything nowadays) or spending lots of money on toner cartridges. With cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive….there is no longer any reason not to own a computer even if you haven’t bought one yet (or aren’t planning on buying one at all). If you’re wondering what else these services can do besides store documents.

Technology has changed the world in so many ways, and it will continue to change the world in countless more ways. Whether those changes are good or bad…well that’s up to us as individuals. We get older and we become smarter (hopefully). As time goes on, technology continues to evolve which means people have a lot of choices when it comes to picking out what they want for their home/office/school. If you’re looking for a new computer…don’t be afraid of spending too much money on one! The best part about technology is that it only gets better every year….and sometimes even months! The faster your computer is, the more things you can do with it….so don’t be discouraged by all this talk of expensive computers because at the end of the day…you want something that works well for you no matter what your budget is!

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