The Air Jordan 11 Bred – The Classic Sneaker Returns

The Air Jordan 11 Bred is a sneaker that has become one of the most revered sneakers in history. This is especially true with the ‘Bred’ colorway, which was released in 1996 and was used by Michael Jordan to help lead his Chicago Bulls to the NBA championship.

This year, Jordan Brand has announced that they will be re-releasing the iconic Air Jordan 11 Bred sneakers for the holidays. They are set to release on December 14, 2019 for $220.


The Air Jordan 11 Bred was designed by Tinker Hatfield, and it’s a sneaker that stands out in the era of basketball-inspired sneakers. It was the shoe that paved the way for what we now know as “sneaker culture.”

The original Jordan 11 Bred was first released in 1996, and it was worn by Michael Jordan throughout the famous 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls season. It helped the team tally a 72-10 regular season record and earned them an NBA championship.

This shoe was one of the most popular of all time and was a big part of the Jordan Brand’s ascension to global fame. Today, it’s a coveted icon of sneaker culture that can be copped on resale platforms like StockX for a reasonable price.

While the original Jordan 11 Bred was an iconic design, it wasn’t without its problems. As Michael Sykes from USA Today pointed out, these shoes were a prime target for counterfeit manufacturers, so it’s crucial to be aware of what to look out for in order to legitimize your purchase.

As the holiday season approaches, Jordan Brand is expected to release a plethora of retro iterations of the Air Jordan 11. It’s believed that this year, the company will also rerelease the classic black and red “Bred” model in high-cut patent leather.

Background on Jordan 11 Bred Sneakers

The Air Jordan 11 Bred is one of the most iconic sneakers in the world. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, it became Michael Jordan’s go-to sneaker on his return to the NBA.

The shoe was first introduced during the 1996 NBA playoffs and was a huge hit for Jordan. The shoe featured a classic red and black Chicago Bulls colorway that was instantly recognisable by fans.

Since then, the sneaker has remained one of Nike’s most popular models. Featuring a variety of different materials and unique colors, it has become a staple in the world of sneakers.

The shoes have been released in various versions over the years and were most recently re-released for a limited time last year. This is a great opportunity to grab one of the most coveted pairs of sneakers in history!

Significance of the Return of Jordan 11 Bred

Every holiday season, Jordan Brand brings us a mega sneaker release that’s often anchored by one of the most beloved original colorways in its history. This year’s AJ11 “Playoff/Bred” was no different.

The Air Jordan 11 Bred, released in 1996, is among the most iconic sneakers to ever come from the House of Jordan. Michael Jordan laced up this pair of shoes during the 1996 NBA campaign, leading the Chicago Bulls to an improbable fourth NBA Championship and a Finals MVP trophy.

While MJ’s ’96 playoff run was the only time he wore this particular model, it’s still considered one of the best sneakers to ever hit the market and remains a staple in sneaker culture today. Despite its status as one of the most popular colorways of all time, there are still some sneakerheads who aren’t familiar with its history.

The Air Jordan 11 Bred was first released in 1996, and was the only OG colorway to feature patent leather. It also featured a classic red and black Chicago Bulls theme that is still one of the most recognized in Jordan’s catalog. This weekend, a re-release of this iconic model is on the way. Be sure to keep an eye out for this retro through Nike SNKRS and select Jordan Brand retailers online and in-store.

Design and Features

The Air Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic sneaker designs in history. Aside from being one of Tinker Hatfield’s signature creations, the 11 also set a new standard in durability for MJ’s sneakers


It was the first to use carbon fiber, which dramatically increased the rigidity of the shank plate. This helped to keep MJ in control of his lateral to medial movements during a pivot or take off.

Despite its off-beat lines and garish material upper, the 11 is still one of the most coveted and sellout models in the Jordan line. This holiday season, Jordan Brand is bringing back the classic Bred model in original form.

Overview of Jordan 11 Bred Design

The Air Jordan 11 Bred is one of the most iconic sneakers in the history of basketball and a staple in the footwear culture. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Jordan 11 is known for its progressive performance technology, on-foot feel, and cultural heritage.

The AJ11’s innovative Carbon Fiber shank plate was engineered to improve torque generation by reducing weight and providing rigidity during lateral and medial movements, whilst a full-length Nike Air sole unit ensured a comfortable ride.

These shoes are arguably the most popular and iconic models in the Jordan lineage, and every year around the holidays, Jordan Brand releases numerous colorways that sell out quickly. This year’s Bred retro was distributed in December, and comes with OG detailing like high-cut patent leather, signature Jumpman branding, and MJ’s number 23 on the heel.

Key Features and Technological Innovations

The classic sneaker is back in a big way, with the holiday season marking the release of the Air Jordan 11 Bred. This is the first time the shoe has been reissued in its original state and is sure to be one of the most popular releases of the season. As a nod to the iconic model’s 25th anniversary, this iteration is a worthy addition to any collector’s collection. The Air Jordan 11 Bred features a plethora of technical advancements including an impressively engineered carbon fiber midsole, the latest in speed-lacing technology and the first ever ballistic mesh upper. With a dazzling array of colorways to choose from, there’s something for everyone. If you’re looking for the perfect present or a splurge on your own, this is the shoe to get you there. The newest edition of this perennial favorite is currently available at select retailers and online. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to learn more about this swoon-worthy release and where you can purchase a pair of the iconic OG’s.

Comparison to Previous Jordan 11 Models

While Jordan Brand has released a number of iconic sneakers, the Air Jordan 11 remains one of their most sought after models. Its unique design and patent leather upper has helped it become a global icon.

The classic sneaker returns in OG retro form this weekend and in anticipation of the release, we’re pitting Jordan Brand’s latest bred iteration against its most famous predecessors! Check out the comparison below and let us know which you’re grabbing first.

MJ’s first signature model was the Air Jordan 11, and its innovative design was a culmination of everything Tinker Hatfield had learned from his running career and years of work on the Flight One. The result was a sleek, streamlined shoe that matched MJ’s explosive style on the court.

History and Legacy of Jordan 11 Bred

When the Air Jordan 11 Bred returns in December, it will be back to its roots as one of the most iconic sneakers of all time. With its rich history and legacy, it’s no wonder that this sneaker is one of the most sought-after models in the sport.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the shoe was a game changer and a cultural icon. It was the first basketball shoe to feature patent leather and was also the first to incorporate carbon fiber on the outsole for increased strength and flexibility.

In the early ’90s, Michael Jordan was putting his name on the map as one of the greatest players in the history of sports. During his return to the Chicago Bulls, he led them to an historic 72-10 season and made it to the NBA Finals.

During the postgame celebrations, longtime photographer Andy Berstein captured an unforgettable moment of Jordan’s championship victory. During this picture, Jordan wore the signature “Bred” Air Jordan 11s and his kids Marcus and Jeffrey were nearby.

Origins and First Release

The Jordan 11 is one of the most iconic sneakers in history and a must-have for any sneaker fan. With its bold design and innovative features, the Air Jordan 11 has been a staple in the NBA and beyond for over two decades now.

Designer Tinker Hatfield looked to the fashion world for inspiration for the Air Jordan 11, focusing on premium materials and luxury. This helped the shoe transcend its basketball heritage to become a symbol of high fashion.

The first Jordan 11 Bred release was a black mesh upper adorned with a Chicago Bulls red patent leather lace loop. This was the colorway that MJ wore during the Bulls historic 72-10 season, as well as the playoff run that ended in the 1996 NBA Championship.

Iconic Moments and Enduring Popularity

The Air Jordan 11 Bred is one of the most recognizable sneakers in history. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the sneaker is a cultural icon that has endured for over two decades.

The shoe’s lasting popularity is in part thanks to its iconic moments. Michael Jordan wore the shoe during the 1995-1996 NBA playoffs, and he led the Chicago Bulls to an unprecedented 72-10 record.

After leading the Bulls to the NBA championship, Jordan added the “Bred” colorway to his eleventh signature sneaker. This addition is one of the most renowned in Jordan Brand history, cementing the shoe’s legendary status and ensuring its place in sneaker culture forever.

The shoe was not without controversy, however. During the first game of the 1995 Eastern Conference semi-finals, Orlando Magic player Nick Anderson stripped Jordan of the ball. This incident was not MJ’s only time he had to defend his shoe. In fact, he was fined for wearing the shoes during the game.

Cultural Impact and Significance

Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan line has become the most recognizable sneaker brand of all time, influencing fashion and culture across both hemispheres. Each year, Nike releases new versions of the sneaker to the public, allowing sneakers of all ages and styles to connect with the most successful athletes of our time.

The Air Jordan 11 Bred, released in 1996, is a shoe that’s instantly recognizable and remains popular to this day. The model was one of the first Jordans to feature patent leather and has since become a cultural icon.

The shoe was worn exclusively by Jordan during his historic run to the NBA Finals in 1996. He wore the Bred 11s in all 18 of Chicago’s games during the playoffs, averaging 30.7 points and 4.9 rebounds. After his team defeated the Seattle Supersonics to win the championship, Jordan celebrated with teammates and coaches in the locker room wearing his infamous shoes. Longtime NBA photographer Andy Bernstein captured a memorable photo of the renowned pair.

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Release and Availability

The Air Jordan 11 Bred is one of Michael Jordan’s most iconic signature sneakers. It was designed by Tinker Hatfield and is often regarded as one of the most beloved models in the entire Jordan brand.

The sneaker was released during the 1995/96 season and it helped Jordan lead his Bulls to a 72-10 record and NBA Finals victory. He also earned MVP awards for the regular season, All-Star Game and NBA Finals.

Many fans of the original AJ 11 have waited for a true high-cut version of this classic shoe and it looks like that day has finally come. This holiday season, Jordan Brand is set to release a “Cherry” colorway of the Air Jordan 11 Retro.

The shoe comes in a white base with varsity red accents on the patent leather and inner lining, as well as the outsole. It’s a no-nonsense colorway that won’t disappoint any sneakerhead.

Information on the Upcoming Release

The Classic Sneaker Returns

The Air Jordan 11 Bred is one of the most coveted Air Jordan models to ever hit the market. Its OG design and cultural heritage have catapulted the shoe into mainstream popularity.

This year, a remastered version of the classic Air Jordan 11 Bred will be making a comeback during the holidays. This remastered version of the shoe will feature a Chicago Bulls-inspired look, as well as OG details such as high-cut patent leather and Jumpman branding.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the AJ 11 debuted in 1995 and became an instant hit with basketball fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike. It quickly carved a place in the MJ portfolio and helped make Jordan a household name, while also serving as an inspiration for many other Jordan Brand products.

Retail and Online Availability

The Air Jordan 11 Bred is one of the most popular colorways ever to release on the iconic sneaker. It will be making a retro return this holiday season and is sure to be a must-have for any Air Jordan collector.

Designed by Tinker Hatfield in 1995, the Air Jordan 11 became Michael Jordan’s signature shoe and an instant fan favorite. Its unique design, variety of colorways, and versatile wearability on-court and off-court made it an influential and collectible silhouette that continues to resonate with generations of fans today.

First worn by Jordan during the 1996 NBA Playoffs, the Air Jordan 11 Bred helped him earn a championship and NBA Finals MVP. It’s a classic shoe that’s always been a staple for Chicago Bulls fans.

Tips for Securing a Pair

If you are a sneakerhead or have been a part of the sneaker scene for any length of time, you will know that the summer months are a great time to pick up some coveted new Jordans. With the release of several new OG colorways this year, including the ‘Bred’ and ‘Cool Grey’, there’s no shortage of quality pairs to choose from.

As with any new shoe, the challenge is finding the best deals and snagging them before they hit the shelves. As we have already discussed in our sneaker guide, the most important step is to be smart about your purchases and take advantage of discounts and special offers that are available online or in-store at your favorite retailers. This is particularly true of sneakers like the upcoming Jordan 11 Bred, which is set to drop on December 14th at various retailers. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye out for sneaker giveaways and discount codes that may be hidden within your favorite retailer’s emails or in-store.

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

The Jordan XI Bred sneakers are a true classic in the sneaker world, known for their stylish design and comfortable fit. The return of these sneakers is sure to be a highly anticipated event for sneaker fans, who will be eager to get their hands on a pair. The Jordan XI Bred sneakers have a rich history and cultural significance, and their enduring popularity speaks to their timeless appeal. Whether you’re a fan of the Jordan brand or simply appreciate a well-made sneaker, the Jordan XI Bred is a must-have for any collection. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for this iconic shoe, and what new memories will be created in the years to come.

Recap of Key Points

The Air Jordan 11 Bred campaign was a major success, and it was great to see the sneaker that MJ himself wore during his emotional and ultimately redemptive title run return in authentic form. The re-release will be available for $185 on June 27th at Nike, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Finish Line.

The Jordan 11 Bred is a classic that every basketball fan wants, and it’s easy to understand why. During his first full season back with the Bulls, Jordan led Chicago to the NBA Finals, and Tinker Hatfield knew that he needed a shoe that would immortalise this moment in his storied career.

During the postgame Finals celebrations, longtime NBA photographer Andy Berstein captured a memorable image of Jordan with his sons Marcus and Jeffrey surrounded by pairs of his OG “Bred” shoes. It’s a picture that every Jordan-fanatic will want to have on their wall, and it’s one that Nike is celebrating with the re-release of the Bred 11. You can get your own pair of the iconic sneakers now!

Future Prospects for Jordan 11 Bred

One of the most underrated and under appreciated models in Nike’s storied portfolio is its basketball line of footwear. Having an illustrious history dating back to the early ’80s, the Breds are still going strong. The newest incarnation of this great shoe is a reimagined version that is a cut above the rest. With an innovative new look and a renewed focus on the long term, the reborn model is a step ahead of its predecessor in all facets except price tag. With an estimated release date of December 14, it’s time for the reborn doppelganger to be on a tour de force.

Reflection on the Legacy of the Sneaker

As a fan and collector, Jordan 11 Bred holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it one of the most premium Jordans in history, but it also represents an important moment in Nike’s legacy.

In 1996, Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to a 72-10 season. The team’s victory helped build momentum for the brand and the Air Jordan 11.

When Jordan’s iconic shoe was designed, Tinker Hatfield took inspiration from formal wear rather than sportswear. He wanted to design a shoe that was not only appealing on the basketball court, but also something that would have an appeal outside of it as well.

This made the Air Jordan 11 a popular sneaker that was appreciated by everyone and became a cultural icon. It has a significant impact on the history of sneakers and continues to be a symbol for nonconformity.


  1. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. When were the Jordan XI Bred sneakers first released?
      • The Jordan XI Bred sneakers were first released in 1996.
    2. What is special about the design of Jordan XI Bred sneakers?
      • Jordan XI Bred sneakers are known for their sleek and elegant design, featuring a patent leather upper, mesh inserts, and a translucent outsole.
    3. Are Jordan XI Bred sneakers comfortable to wear?
      • Yes, Jordan XI Bred sneakers are designed with comfort in mind, featuring a cushioned insole and Phylon midsole.
    4. Where can I buy Jordan XI Bred sneakers?
      • Jordan XI Bred sneakers can be purchased at Nike retail stores, Jordan brand stores, and online retailers.
    5. What is the expected price of Jordan XI Bred sneakers?
      • The expected price of Jordan XI Bred sneakers is around $220, although prices may vary depending on the retailer and any special editions or collaborations.

Note: The prices and availability of the sneakers might change and these answers may be outdated as per my knowledge cutoff is 2021-09.

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