The Best Way to Take CBD Oil for Beginners


If you are a beginner in using CBD oil and don’t know much about the best way of taking CBD oil, you are at the right place. The two most frequent methods of using CBD are oral and topical, and how long CBD oil lasts in your body depends on how you use it (orally or topically). So, choose the method wisely and according to your condition. Taking CBD oil as a tincture is the fastest method if you want quick results.

CBD Oil: How to Use?

People are often concerned about how to take CBD in the beginning. For beginners, there are two options for taking CBD oil:

  1. Orally 
  2. Topically

Just remember to start with a low dosage of CBD and then wait to see its effects on your body. If your body condition does not improve with that dosage, increase your dosage gradually until you achieve your desired outcome. Let’s explore more options for taking CBD oil orally and topically.

CBD Oil Oral Intake

It is a simple method to get started if you have never taken CBD before. Various products are available in this category, such as tablets, tinctures, gummies, and more. Capsules or gummies are already measured, and you can easily track your dosage with these products and increase the dosage step by step.

You can put CBD tinctures under the tongue in the form of a tincture to get the fastest effects, but in this way, you cannot track the dosage accurately.

Dosage of CBD oil

Many customers begin with 25mg capsules and gradually increase to 25mg increments until they find the dosage that works best for their body. Taking a supplement in the form of a capsule or gummy can take up to 45 minutes to take effect, but it will last for several hours. You should always look for any side effects before increasing your dose to prevent any serious consequences.

Topical Application of CBD oil

All CBD oral options are suitable for people suffering from stress, anxiety, or any other issue. However, topical application of CBD oil drops is ideal for those people who want relief from any muscle pain like arthritis.

Using topical treatments is advantageous because they can be applied rapidly and only to one place. However, the effect of CBD will take time to show when you topically apply CBD oil. Moreover, you cannot track CBD oil dosage or measure how much CBD oil absorbs into your body. 

Additionally, CBD oil takes more time to show effects than oral intake of CBD oil when applied externally.


For beginners, gummies or capsules are the best way to take CBD in the beginning. This way, you can monitor your dosage easily and gradually increase it. Moreover, oral intake of CBD is more effective than topical application and shows effects fast.

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