The Education of an Educator

Education of an Educator

What is Education?

I’m sure most people have thought about this at some point in their life, but what exactly is education? We all know it’s something that we receive when we are younger, but many of us don’t really see it as a part of our lives anymore. Education is so much more than just school. As I said, I love writing about things that interest me, and this subject has always interested me. Today I am going to tell you how education has affected my life personally. Hopefully by the end of this post you will be able to see how valuable your own education really is!

Education & Sports: My Life Story

My first experience with formal education was when I went to my neighborhood elementary school for kindergarten at the age of five. This experience was probably my favorite one because I loved kindergarten! Every day was exciting because they were learning new things every day. To make matters better for me, they also had wrestling class every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday mornings before elementary school started! So not only did I get a great academic foundation from kindergarten and elementary school (to which you can read more about here), but also an athletic foundation as well! Elementary schools nowadays rarely have wrestling classes after football season ends so it’s very nice to reminisce on those days where both academics and sports were taught simultaneously in one place during formative years. I would like to improve my memory improvement skills like these, for this is an ability I find very useful.

I was educated in high school as well, but it wasn’t until my junior year that things got really interesting. The wrestling coach at my high school had just graduated and another man was hired to replace him. This man’s name was Mr. Jones and he ran the wrestling program by himself for his first year there because there were no other coaches to help him out with the team! He would practice us hard every day after school, but it paid off because we won many matches our junior year. It’s amazing to see how much difference one person can make when they love something so much that they are willing to work hard at it even when nobody else believes in them or their cause! Also, if you are interested you can read about how I started weightlifting here!

After football season ended during my senior year of high school, I decided that wrestling would be better suited for me than football would be since I didn’t have a chance of making varsity since they only kept 25 players on the roster two years running (which is typical). This meant that instead of playing football at college level I chose to play collegiate wrestling instead which proved very important later on in life… So yes… education affects everything whether we realize it or not.

Education in College: An Academic Life

Since my motivation for getting an education can be traced back to my rough upbringing, I wanted to get a great education so that I would have a better life than the one I came from. That being said, the most important thing about college is that it is very different from high school. You are there to learn about new things and expand your mind in ways you never have before! If you are not learning at least one thing every day at school, then you are doing something wrong! This is why it’s so important for students to find their niche on campus. My niche became writing articles for The College Courier, our school’s newspaper. This was obviously an academic niche because newspapers are all about writing articles and interviewing people to inform others of news events and other things going on around campus! Therefore if we don’t follow what’s going on around us we would never know what our world could be like if we just opened our eyes and looked around instead of only looking ahead at what we want out of life without first seeing how blessed we already were as children growing up in this country with everything provided for us by those who fought tirelessly just so they could give their children a life better than the ones they had as kids themselves. We should always remember that there will always be someone worse off than ourselves even though it may seem impossible right now due to the fact that everyone has their own problems whether they realize them or not.

I have worked very hard to get to where I am in life because I was taught that working hard is the only way to succeed. Even though I have accomplished much in life already, there is still much more for me to do. Now that I have this formal education under my belt, it’s time for me to give back! It’s time for me to learn as much as possible so that I can help those who don’t even know how fortunate they are just by being born on this Earth! Education is such a great thing and it will never stop benefitting those who receive it because if we don’t teach our children about all of the things they will need when they grow up then we would be doing them a disservice and may even be hindering their ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive society. Educate yourself and you too can live a good life!

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