Tips for Spicy & Hot Sauces for Spicy Food Lover

Hot Sauces for Spicy Food Lover

To say that spicy food and hot sauces are among my favorite things would be an understatement. Anyone who knows me would not hesitate to say that I am a spice lover. In my opinion, it’s something to be proud of. There are some very spicy flavors in this world and I want to try them all. The only problem? You can find spicy delights in almost every corner of the world. So I decided to put together a list of the top 20. If you want to buy spicy sauce or try some spicy food sauce then read below:

How to Find Spicy Sauces for Spicy Food Lover?

I’ll be honest, this task is a challenge for anyone, but especially for someone who calls herself a spicy food lover. It’s a real challenge to put together a list because of course, it could go on forever. While I try to be objective, the places I’ve been naturally influencing the destinations I choose. Nevertheless, it’s a solid starting point for all the inspiration you need for your next culinary journey – whether you’re a seasoned hot sauce enthusiast or a novice looking for a hot surprise.

Hot & Spicy Food in Lahore

Let’s start with one of the best places in Pakistan for spicy food and hot sauces: sweet, sunny Lahore. One of the West Coast state’s most famous sauces is loved the world over Karachi, of course! This spicy sauce has taken over the market. So you can thank Kali for making it appear in refrigerators and on tables around the world. Beyond the obvious, you can find endless Lahori-style spicy dishes and spicy sauces made with habanero peppers, jalapenos, Arbol, and ancho. Try the original Pepper Factory hot sauce found in most Lahori restaurants.

Chinese Spicy Food

Now we’ll hop on a plane and head west to the vast country of China. Wherever you are – Shanghai, Chengdu, or Sichuan province – you can taste dishes prepared with spicy sauces almost anywhere. Some of my favorites are soups and spicy sour dishes. If you want to try something new, go to a Guizhou-style restaurant and try a sweet and sour fish soup prepared with red chilies, chili oil, and lots of garlic. When it comes to Chinese food, any Aikawa-style sauce is a good choice – in my opinion, Aikawa-style shrimp is the best combination. If seafood isn’t your cup of tea, you can also try another great Szechuan dish: “slobbery chicken”, so-called because it’s so spicy with chilies and other seasonings that you’ll probably drool over it.

American Spicy Food

You might not think of this great state as a place for hot sauce lovers, but as one of the largest cities in the world, it has it all. There are hot sauce fast food joints all over the city, including falafel and even hot dogs, but there are also a few places to visit to fill up. Number one on my list of culinary spots in general? Brooklyn. And they know a thing or two about hot sauces, too. For the best hot sauces, head to Heatonist, which is located in Brooklyn and Manhattan. You’ll find hot sauces you didn’t even know existed (and now have to order from home).


So get your taste buds ready to explore the best places for hot sauce lovers, which will take you from the glorious beaches of California to the heart of China and everywhere in between. These 20 exciting locations will have you exploring the world and all its hot peppers, whether you want to stay in your own backyard or go further afield.

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