Tips & tricks you didn’t Know About Lock & Keys

Are you one of those few people who tend to forget about their locks once they have been installed? After all, locks are supposed to do their job of protecting your home, right?

While it is true that high-end locks should work with the least issues, it doesn’t mean that they won’t require maintenance. By caring for your locks every now the longevity can be increased. What’s more? Such maintenance isn’t time-consuming, so it’s certainly worth the small amount of hard work it demands. Unfortunately, many people are still unaware of the different ways a lock can be maintained.

So, let’s bring you some interesting tips and tricks you might’ve not known!

Keep Your Door in Good Shape

If the base is problematic, all else will fail. This means even the best lock will not be helpful if it is attached to a door that has issues. Hence, it’s essential to ensure the door is properly installed, hasn’t come off the hinges, and isn’t creaking, dangling, or facing any other kind of issue.

Such problems put pressure on the lock leading to the lock not doing its job properly. So, tip number 1 is to always keep your door in good shape because any issue with the door directly impacts the functioning of the lock. If you want maximum safety from your locks, get your doors fixed as soon as possible.

Lubricate Regularly

Oiling is the basic requirement for any lock to last long. People often lubricate their doors to stop them from creaking, but forget that locks need it too. Make sure you lubricate your locks regularly for all the pins and pieces to move smoothly and properly.

Moreover, this will prevent the lock from getting stuck and being negatively impacted by changes in temperature. Normally, a water-based lubricant would be a smart choice.

Unfortunately, some people are clueless about which parts of the lock need to be lubricated. Well, this is where a locksmith can guide you. Several locksmiths in NYC are known for their precision, skill, and talent and they’re always ready to help!

Don’t Force Out Your Keys

Maintenance isn’t always about doing something extra. Sometimes it means avoiding something basic. In this case, you must remember to never pull on your keys when they’re in the lock.

This is because when the key is carelessly pulled out of their locks, it builds a lot of pressure on it leading to the lock failing in serving its purpose. Thus, practice removing the key from the lock gently with a slight twist and never force it out.

Clean The Locks Properly

Every tool requires cleaning. Be it furniture, electronics, or your locks. The only thing you need to ensure is the locks are being cleaned the right way. A soft cloth with plain water is enough for your lock to shine. However, if you do prefer using soap, make sure it’s a mild detergent because if harsher ones are used, especially those that are petroleum-based can cause severe damage to the lock over time.


Maintenance is essential for any equipment you wish to use for a long-time. By following these tips and tricks you can ensure your locks are safe from any severe damages or problems.

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