Top 10 B2B E-commerce Companies in the World


In 2021, B2B Websites will have more advanced technology than they do now. This is because as time moves on, more and more companies are constantly evolving to keep up with the needs of their consumers. The size of smartphones will decrease significantly, but e-ink screens may replace traditional paper books which could mean people using devices like Google Glass or even Apple watches to read instead of turning pages. Not only will these technological advancements affect the way we live our lives (such as no longer needing someone else to tell you what to buy) but they will also change how businesses operate behind closed doors due to an increase in the use of B2B websites as a platform to connect with these larger companies.

More and more companies will have an online presence meaning that they may even start existing solely on the internet, meaning that customers will be able to purchase goods from their smartphones or laptops without having to walk into a physical store. This has already happened within the fashion industry where many high street brands no longer have a traditional shop front signifying that they now simply exist through their e-commerce site; also businesses like Nike who sell shoes exclusively online are another great example of this shift in how we buy available products.

Top B2B e-Commerce Companies

This has meant that for business owners this could potentially mean having 2 b2b websites (one which is purely for showcasing products and another which focuses more on the behind-the-scenes information about business). Websites in 2021 will have more advanced features which mean that company websites may even start looking like Facebook due to how many different things they are capable of doing. Site layouts will be very fluid meaning that visitors can access what they need by clicking on certain buttons but this won’t change the fact that most companies will still use SEO techniques in order to rank their website higher when customers are searching for a particular product or service.

  1. Alibaba


The Alibaba Group’s primary services include:

– Alipay, the world’s leading online and mobile payments system;

– Tmall, China’s largest online retail platform;

– Taobao, China’s largest online marketplace;

– Juhuasuan, China’s most popular online shopping website;

– AliExpress, a cross border ecommerce platform for global trade;

– , a B2B wholesale site for global trade.

  1. eWorldTrade


eWorldTrade is an international B2B website that is focused on global trade across the globe. They help businesses find new market opportunities by providing them with access to trade opportunities, regulatory information, news updates and more.

  1. IndiaMART


IndiaMART is India’s largest B2B trade platform. They currently have more than 1,00,000 registered buyers and 1,25,000 sellers. The website has sections for wholesale trading, retail trading, and reverse auctions. They also provide packages for seasonal promotions to enhance the visibility of products on the site.

A wide range of industries are serviced by IndiaMART including manufacturing, transportation & logistics, etc. This includes sectors that may include all types of commodities like chemicals, garments, pharmaceuticals, etc.

  1. Made-in-China

made in china is a leading Chinese B2B website that connects buyers and suppliers from all over the world and not just China. The site showcases all types of business and professions, such as industry & trade, machinery & equipment, investment & financing, travel & tourism etc.

They also offer services such as auctioning real estate, job postings, and more.

  1. GlobalSources

global sources

GlobalSources is an international network of online marketplaces that are for b2b trade. They have a series of websites that all have different focuses, one being the pro-trade website which helps buyers to find products and suppliers within their industry. The other site they have is called “Products & Services” which helps buyers to find products and suppliers by product type.

  1. DHgate


They provide a platform for wholesale trade. Their website includes both sellers of products and buyers of products. The DHgate platform holds two types of auctions – Auctions with Seller Participation and Fixed Price.

  1. TradeIndia


Trade india provides market access to businesses, including small and medium enterprises, in India. TradeIndia has over 900 registered companies that are selling their products on the site. They also provide access to raw materials for trade with categories like agricultural products, metals & minerals, rubber & plastic, etc.

  1. iOffer


iOffer is a freelance marketplace for sellers and buyers with a different pricing model. One of the main advantages to this site is that it’s easy to list your items on the site and there are no listing fees.

  1. ECplaza


ECplaza is one of the top B2B websites in Asia Pacific. They’re a wholesale marketplace that specializes in providing access to buyers and suppliers of all types of products. The website includes more than a million products, which are sourced from all our the world. ecplaza includes categories like electronics, home & garden, apparel, footwear etc.

  1. ECVV


ECVV is a Business to the Business marketplace with 8 categories. The categorized includes agriculture & livestock, automotive, building materials, computers, electronics, food producers, etc.

The ECVV platform enables the sellers on the site to build their own website and publish their products on it.

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