Top 5 Reasons to Have Military Coins

military coins

Are you looking for ways to show your patriotism? Do you want to show love or appreciation for those that served in our military forces? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about military coins.

Military coins are a symbol of honor for those that served. They represent the different military branches, units, missions, and groups that one was involved in. It’s an incredible way to show off a member of the military’s achievements during their time as an active military member.

See below for an in-depth guide on the top reasons to have military coins, as well as why others should consider collecting them.

1. Your/Their Place in History

Perhaps your loved one has been given a military coin from the unit they served with. Maybe you inherited one (or several) from their days as active soldiers after they passed on. Whatever the case might be, you should know that you’re holding a small piece of history.

Military coins are a way of showing the unity and honor of serving in the United States Military. It confirms their place and membership within a military organization, branch, unit, group, or mission.

It can also be used to show leadership within the military. For example, each President of the United States has had their challenge coin created since President Clinton was in office.

If you or a loved one has a military coin, then you’ve been given a small piece of the history of the United States of America. They served their country with pride, protecting our freedom, and giving their knowledge and skills for the improvement of our military forces.

Every military coin has a significant meaning behind it. If you’ve inherited one or come across one, then be sure to research the meaning behind it; you owe them that much!

2. True Beginnings

Military coins are challenge coins that are specific for those involved in the military forces. There are many other types of challenge coins made today, such as for law enforcement, firefighters, and even certain organizations.

That said, none of them can claim the connection to history that military coins can. It was in the military where the first-ever challenge coins were made, dating back to World War I.

Legend has it that the first batch of challenge coins–as we know them today–was created by a lieutenant and given to his unit, which was made up of American volunteers. Ones that nobly gave up their own personal endeavors to serve their country as pilots.

According to the most well-known version of the story, one of those pilots took significant fire and had to land behind enemy lines, where he was then taken captive by the Germans. He escaped and made his way to a French outpost.

Having no other way to prove his identification or loyalty, he pulled out the challenge coin that his lieutenant had made his unit. One of the French captors knew of the insignia on the coin and, rather than shoot him, allowed him to prove his identification further (thus saving his life).

3. There Are Many Different Kinds to Have

The term “Military Coin” is a general term. There are many different types of challenge coins within that context, such as:

  • Coast Guard Coins
  • National Guard Coins
  • Marine Challenge Coins
  • Army Coins
  • Air Force Coins & more

These are used to signify someone’s allegiance and involvement in a group, as well as reward them for any achievements along the way. For example, some military academies give out challenge coins to those that graduate.

These different types of coins come in many different shapes, materials, colors, and sizes. Collecting them will show you how many moving parts our military has and how fortunate we are to have them.

That’s the entire goal of a challenge coin: to honor the dedication, hard work, and elite attitude that such organizations require of those that serve in them.

4. Success Within the Ranks

Military coins aren’t a participation trophy. Those that receive them have earned the right to possess them. While their membership in a military unit makes them worthy of a coin, military coins are also given to other things.

For example, a military member might receive a specialized challenge coin for meeting a high-ranking leader in the military forces. Presidents have even been known to hand out their coins from time to time.

The military coin(s) they’re given might also symbolize a heroic action while they served. If you research more about the coins you have, you might learn something you never knew about your loved ones.

5. They Are Finite

There is no place that you can go to hand-pick the military coins you want. If you are collecting military coins, you’ll have to get them right from the source: those who earned them. There are only a certain number of military coins out there. Generally, units only make so many at a time, making them one of the rarest items you can collect.

It’s a great way for military members to connect. They can trade with each other or learn about the stories behind the coins that other veterans have in their possession.

Learn the Story Behind Your Military Coins Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on the top reasons to have military coins in your possession, be sure to use this information wisely.

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