Trauma And Addiction

Trauma And Addiction

Are you thinking of rehab?  

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You may not know where to begin when dealing with trauma. If you reside in Virginia, you may want to consider a Virginia rehabilitation center. If you are currently in Virginia, rehab in your home state may save you time and money by eliminating the need to fly while in withdrawal to seek treatment for addiction or trauma. If you are from Virginia, another benefit of coming to a Virginia treatment is that your friends may come to visit you.

There are a variety of reasons why individuals begin to use drugs. Peer pressure, stress, and sadness are all factors that may lead to depression. However, there is always trauma in individuals who get hooked.

There are just too many kinds of trauma to list. Bullying, natural disasters, intimate partner abuse, terrorism, and violence, as well as painful bereavement, may all cause trauma.

It is not enough for an addict to just quit using drugs to become clean. They must address the underlying causes of their drug use, which include dealing with trauma. Here’s how to go about doing it in a couple of different ways.

Treatments for Trauma

Tension, Stress, and Trauma Release Exercises using TRE. A set of movements that aid in the release of stress, tension, and trauma that has built up in the body.

The origins of TRE may be traced back to Dr. David Bercelli. He was working in a combat zone, and there was a warning that an assault was coming, so everyone hunkered down in bunkers.

Bercelli observed that all the youngsters in the bunkers were trembling, but the adults were not. Many of the adults were traumatized as a result, but the children were not. He theorized that the shaking mechanism was what kept the kids from getting traumatized.

He recognized that this process is a normal human response that helps us remain calm in stressful circumstances, but that we have trained ourselves not to tremble since it makes us seem weak.

This is reactivated by TRE.


Yoga is therapeutic in and of itself. It helps individuals relax and, like TRE, may help people release trauma by activating the psoas muscle.

There are even yoga types that are specifically intended to help those who have experienced trauma. “Trauma sensitive yoga” is one of the most popular of these trauma-informed yogas. The atmosphere is inviting and safe in this practice, the instructor gives the students room, there are non-directive instructions, and the teacher is always kind, enabling them to maintain control.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR is another method for individuals who have been through trauma to recover from the symptoms and emotional discomfort of their ordeal. Studies indicate that EMDR may provide faster effects than therapy, with some studies indicating that after three ninety-minute sessions, 84 percent to 90 percent of single-trauma victims do not have post-traumatic stress disorder.


Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is founded on the idea that to recover control of some aspects of one’s life, one must address erroneous beliefs. Patients are taught how to breathe to manage anxiety and tension, as well as how to recognize and assess negative, inaccurate, and illogical ideas, and how to replace them with more accurate and less negative ones.

Therapy in a group setting

Trauma survivors may join a variety of support groups. Some are led by peers, while others are guided by therapists. Trauma survivors should join a support group that is suitable for their level of recovery.


Hypnotherapy is available in a variety of formats. Hypnotherapists, in general, help patients enter a hypnotic state during treatment. After that, the patient is encouraged or involved in the discussion regarding the trauma. While in a hypnotic state, the patient’s emotions and ideas become very important in the healing process.


Medication is used to alleviate traumatic responses as a consequence of trauma. Depression, anxiety, irritability, heightened alertness, emotional reactivity, hyperarousal, and intrusive symptoms may all be helped with medication.

It’s critical to keep track of how effectively the medicines are functioning while under the supervision of a professional psychiatrist. Those who struggle with addiction should keep this in mind while using potentially addictive medications.


Breathwork is a broad term that refers to several breathing techniques that may be used to help the body release trauma by connecting with the breath and breathing in a variety of ways.

Breathwork has the benefit of enabling individuals who have been traumatized to do breathwork on their own after receiving supervision. The majority of breathwork techniques may be integrated into one’s everyday practice.


This article provides some insight into the different approaches to dealing with trauma. Different healing methods work for different individuals, so test a couple to discover which ones work best for you.

Are you considering going to rehab? Arlington, VA is a good option. If you go to treatment, Nashville offers a plethora of rehab facilities where you may declare yourself “drug-free.”

While there are other locations in Virginia where you may go to treatment, Nashville is one you should think about.

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