Using TikTok as a Music promotion tool

The TikTok platform has proven to be a helpful tool for music promotion, and many artists have been looking to harness the opportunities presented by the app. TikTok has a special section for artists and creatives to promote their art. Before creating an artist account, it is vital to know what content to churn out to match their art portfolio.

Creating an artist account on TikTok is aimed at improving reach. Contents circulated must be tailored towards that aim.

Every social media platform has practices they are known for, and TikTok is not an exception. Here are some steps to follow to utilize the opportunities presented by the platform:

  1. Work with themes

Picking a theme that suits an account is the second most important thing after creating an Artist account. Every content relating to the account will be centered around this theme. The TikTok algorithm will identify and classify an account under a specific category of contents based on the theme of that account. The algorithm will consequently expose the contents of the account to people that appreciate them.

  1. Make use of hashtags

Hashtags work on Tiktok as it works on other platforms. It relates items (videos) to a type of content. Employing popular hashtags will improve the visibility of your content and is very likely to appear on the “Discover” and “For you” tabs on TikTok.

  1. Following and participating in trending challenges

Trends and challenges are some of the most interesting challenges on Tiktok. Users are usually inclined towards trends and challenges. Creating trends and challenges will increase an artist’s chance of reaching more people. These activities require some level of consistency and must go along with a befitting hashtag.

  1. Utilize the platform for Music promotion

Artists need to keep their active fans and followers in the know about their music. Music promotion doesn’t work on TikTok as in the audio platform. An artist can employ their music when creating content. As the content goes viral, the music goes viral.

Using TikTok Pro Analytics will paint you a picture of how your content has been doing. You can see views, follower count, and other helpful statistics. This feature helps Artists know how much their content has been working for them. This feature is available on a Pro account.

  1. Get your music trending on TikTok

Getting your music trending on TikTok requires a carefully thought-out strategy. Here are some steps to note to achieve that:

  1. Use the Application consistently

Before employing the app for any reason, it is important to understand how it works, and it can only be achieved by consistently using the App.

  1. Always reserve snippets for TikTok

TikTok challenges usually require short music (30 seconds or less). This snippet will attract people to your page. The part of your song with catchy lyrics, danceable beats, and has the potential to go viral, is the most suitable for this.

Other tips to gain followers include; creating unique hashtags, creating challenges, working with influencers, and incorporating new ideas.

TikTok has the potential to introduce an artist to the world. It is an opportunity every creative artist must harness.

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