Valuable Instructions About Performing Umrah With Children, Elderly, & Disabled People

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Umrah is a Muslim’s most loving desire, and this sacred journey must be flawless. Women are only eligible to travel or to do Umrah with a Mahram, although, in Masjid-e-Nabawi and Haram Shareef, there are separate areas for both men and women, a female gets separated from the male who is attending her.

Muslims Holy Travel strives to provide the best solutions for your pilgrimage-related concerns. To make your sacred journey easier & stress-free with kids or elderly, or disabled ones, we provide you the fully customized & affordable Group Umrah Packages . For this blessed opportunity, you should be aware of the most important instructions that may assist you;

Performing Umrah With Children Or Kids:

Parents are usually hesitant to take their children on Umrah because of this separation, which makes it difficult for women to perform the rituals while simultaneously caring for their children. However, if you follow some useful instructions, Umrah with small kids does not have to be tiresome or stressful. Some of the most significant guidelines for performing Umrah with children are as follows:

Significant Guidelines for Performing Umrah

    1. Must tell them the purpose of this Sacred Journey. It’s best to explain why the journey is being taken and also the significance of Umrah to them. It is suggested that you educate your children about specific rituals & supplications based on their age. Don’t worry about taking small kids to perform Umrah because locals commonly bring their kids on Umrah pilgrimage and there are many children all around.


  • Getting them vaccinated is extremely essential.
      1.  A H1N1 vaccination is also necessary for them. Doctors recommend getting these vaccinations a few weeks or a month ahead of time because children may get a fever or have a side effect. Meningitis ACWY135 vaccination is necessary for infants, kids, and even for adult people.
  1. The way a child dressed is very important. People continue to dress up their children in western clothing, which may draw too much attention. As a result, it need to avoided during Umrah. You can dress up very small kids in their regular clothes. It is, nevertheless, preferable to dress up children above the age of 6 in Ihram. Hijab should be compulsory for all little girls.
  2. Bring some little toys to keep the kids busy During Umrah. Dolls, action figures, and toys that resemble actual animals or humans should not be brought because they will be confiscated at the mosque gates. Electronic devices like video games, smartphones, and cameras are also confiscated at the gates.
  3. Haram Shareef – The most crowded place on earth. So keep an eye on the kids and don’t let them out of your sight. It’s essential to keep the kids close and grip their hands at all times, especially at the Mosque’s gates. The majority of people plan to go to the Masjid alone, leaving the child with their spouse, and then allowing them to do the same. If a person wishes to pray with the child in the mosque, it is advisable to seek out a less crowded area.
  4. Bring a shoe bag with you inside the mosque. Kids can be sensitive to losing their shoes and may become upset and also throw tantrums. So, it is preferable to avoid this situation entirely.
  5. Must bring some snacks for the kids. Because food and water are difficult to get, bring some snacks for the kids in case they feel hunger. It’s also a good idea to have a little empty bottle filled with ZamZam water. You should also pack other necessities for them.
  6. They require more than enough rest. Resting during prayers is a good idea for the kids and their parents who are caring for them.

Performing Umrah With Elderly Parents:

Performing Umrah with family members, especially with parents, can be a memorable experience. Helping your elderly parents accomplish all religious rituals provides you with not only mental relaxation but also spiritual satisfaction. True, the journey may seem overwhelming because your parents are reliant on you due to their physical strength, but the rewards & benefits of this act are numerous. Always strive to be patient, and also remember that Allah appreciates every good deed performed with a pure intention and for His sake. On the other hand, without any Mahram, an elderly woman can perform Umrah on her own.

Performing Umrah For Disabled Pilgrims:

Umrah is a desirable Sunnah that should only be performed by those who are physically as well as financially capable of performing it.. Disabled Muslims who want to make this spiritual journey can do so, but before this, they must make necessary preparations.

Before making any travel bookings, a disabled person should visit his or her travel agent. The Grand Mosque in Makkah and the airport in Jeddah both have the facility of the wheelchair. Your travel agent should make sure that the airport staff is aware of your requirements ahead of time. Wheelchairs are available free of cost at Haram Shareef.

Hence, all these valuable instructions about performing Umrah with kids, Elderly parents, & disabled persons make you able to perform this sacred pilgrimage hassle-free.

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