What Are the Different Types of Love?

In the United States, in 2022, almost 3 million people got married. 

This is an expression of romantic love, but we all know there are different types of love. In fact, as far back as the Greek civilization, people have written and studied love. 

It is no surprise love makes up the core of our lives and the fulfillment of joy and happiness. Let’s take a look at the different types of love. 

1. Passionate Love

There are Greek words for love, and the term for passion love is Eros. This is the root of the word erotic. This is the type of love that is shown between two people who love each other intimately. 

Lovers and married people are considered to have passionate love or Eros for one another. The passion of this type of love means that it can bring great joy or great sadness. 

2. Love of Friends

When looking at the different forms of love, this one ranks high in importance. The Greek word for this type of love is Philia. This is the love you have for friends and peers. 

People who experience a large amount of love from their friends and peers are happier. This type of love can even lower blood pressure. It also helps going out with people you care about and can lower social anxiety. 

3. Familial Love 

In Greek, this type of love is known as Storge. This is the love you have for your parents and children, and they for you. This type of love can be complicated, with both parties trying to find out how to show love to one another. 

When in its purest form, this type of love lasts a lifetime. It doesn’t require the same level of passion. Many people find that familial love is a steadying force over their entire lives. 

4. Love of All 

The most nebulous of all types of love is often used in a religious context. Agape, the Greek word for it, is all about the love of all people. This is the human version of God’s love for everyone. 

Where this type of love ties into everyday life is in the act of forgiveness and charity. These are important things to the mental and social health of a person. 

Love and You 

There are many different types of love, but most important are personal interpretations of love. Take the time to learn the love languages because that is how each type of love can be best expressed. This is how people receive and transmit feelings of love. 

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Different Types of Love

Each of the different types of love is important for us as people. People always feel better and do their best when they feel loved. The world is full of love, but it isn’t always easy to feel or express to others. 

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