What Are the Most Common Car Accident Injuries?


Car accidents can lead to serious injuries. That’s why if you are the victim of a vehicle collision, it’s imperative that you hire an attorney.

Even if you feel fine after a crash, some symptoms don’t develop until a few days or weeks later. So, receive medical attention and get legal counsel.

If you’re on the fence about hiring a lawyer, don’t be. Below are some of the most common car accident injuries to watch out for after a collision.


One of the most common car accident injuries is whiplash. It happens as a result of forceful trauma when the collision occurs. The head and neck are quickly jolted forward and snatched back.

As a result, it strains the muscles and ligaments within the neck, causing severe pain. Other neck injuries can occur during a collision as well. For instance, some passengers may experience cervical dislocation or severe disk injury.


Burns are a common injury that occurs if the vehicle catches fire, or if hot fluids from the car come in contact with the skin. Other elements like chemicals, hot surfaces, and steam can also create burns.

Some car accident victims may have to undergo skin grafting surgery after a car accident if their burns are severe.

Broken and Fractured Bones

Car accident victims often experience bone fractures and broken bones after a crash. In most cases, areas like the ankles, ribs, legs, arms, and wrists are affected. This is generally due to the impact of the collision.

Not only that, but if the passengers are crushed in any way, it can lead to broken bones. A broken pelvis is a typical injury too.

Internal Injuries

Vehicle accident injuries aren’t always visible. Sometimes, the damage is internal. That’s why it’s important to get medical attention after a collision—even if you feel fine. When a collision forces your body into an object, internal damage could occur.

This scenario can also happen when a flying object or debris hits your body. Be sure to go to the hospital as soon as possible because internal bleeding requires immediate medical treatment.


Unfortunately, some car accidents result in fatalities. When a car accident claims the lives of others, the loved ones of the victims have a right to compensation.

 In instances where the responsible party was negligent, it is their duty to make amends. This is especially true in cases of texting and driving or driving under the influence. In situations like these, the victim’s family can receive help for funeral costs, as well as pain and suffering.

The Most Common Car Accident Injuries

As you can see, car accident injuries are painful and can cause other issues within your life. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to hire legal representation. It’s only right that you are compensated for your pain and suffering.

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