What is a New Bathroom Suite?

New Bathroom Suite

The new bathroom suite is a combination of different matching fixtures. Whether you are thinking of giving a trendy look to your old bathroom. Or planning to have a modernistic room for your new home, creating a contemporary bathroom suite requires detailed research and consideration.

From getting the right fixtures to selecting the colour scheme of the walls, everything needs attention and planning. And you must have a lot of questions. That revolving through your mind if you are going to think of getting your bathroom upgrade. To guide your research and to answer your queries. we have come up with five different ways you can design the contemporary bathroom suite of your dreams.

What is a New Bathrooms Suite?

The new bathroom suite refers to a combination package of different utilities and fixtures that are selected individually. The primary purpose of creating such a package is to let the user choose whatever they want with a single purchase. For example, you can install a bathroom suite without the worry of size, style, and type difference. All the fixtures have the same look, so they can help you create a coordinated look.

Why Do You Need New Bathroom Suite?

The contemporary bathroom is all about a coordinated look. However, finding matching fixtures to achieve such a look is difficult. It will require a lot of hassle to find the same items and can match other fixtures. To save you from such hassle and time, manufacturers have come up with an innovative solution. Where an entirely new bathroom suite offers in a single package.  It not only serves the purpose of installing a new bathroom but also saves you time and money at the same time. 

What A New Bathroom Suite May Include?

Different bathroom suites include different fixtures depending on the package. 

Wall-mounted Furniture

One of the key features that impart the signature contemporary look is wall-mounted furnishing. With no connection to the floor, these fixtures are made ultra-sleek and modernistic, adding style and luxury to your bathroom and saving space.

There is plenty of wall-hung bathroom furniture available in the store, such as toilet seats, bathtubs, vanities, and sink tables. The furniture is fixed to the walls, freeing up floor space, thus creating an illusion of a spacious bathroom.

Lighting Fixtures

Whether your bathroom gives off luxury feels or not mainly depends on the type of lighting. Today, most bathrooms use ceiling lights or spotlights that allow you to choose the focal points of the light. This helps in the even distribution of light to the specific areas you want lit.

If your bathroom has a niche of sorts, you can install the lights into that too. An illuminated mirror is another common bathroom feature that people love to have in their bathrooms. They provide such a glow that would make you forget about bedroom vanity mirrors.

Bathroom Accessories

When going for a contemporary style bathroom, don’t refrain from incorporating as many accessories as your heart desires unless you have a minimalistic approach. Most modern bathrooms are designed to accommodate an extensive range of accessories from vanity units to feature walls.

The reason why bathroom accessories are such a trend in modern bathrooms is mainly that they are personable. Decorate the countertop with bath essentials, stock the drawers with skin-related products, stack the shelves with towels, in short, design your bathroom exactly how you want.

Ceiling Shower

The best way to add comfort, luxury, and elegance to your bathroom is by installing a rainfall ceiling shower. As the name suggests, the shower is fitted into the ceiling of the room and gives an impression of rainfall when used. You can also install a shower enclosure around it, but leave it be if you prefer an open environment. Some rainfall ceiling showers have a light fitted in the center that gives off real rainfall vibes to your showering experience.

Faint Colour Scheme

You are free to choose the colour scheme to your preference. However, contemporary bathrooms normally use faint colour schemes. The reason being that modern bathroom are all about providing a luxurious experience the moment you enter the room. The same applies to the eyes too.

No matter how sophisticated and sleek fixtures you install in the room, if you use too vivid or striking colors, you shall not get the soothing experience you desire after a long day at work.

Final Verdict

Having a contemporary bathroom suite is everyone’s dream. But not everyone has the means and knowledge to either renovate their old bathroom or build it entirely new with your home unless you have the right guide at your back. Whether you are on a tight budget or have plenty of money left out for the project, we are here to help you transform your bathroom the way you like.

Looking for New Bathrooms Suite?

In this article, we have explained different ways to create a New Bathrooms Suite. It can save you hassle and time at the same time. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we can provide you all types of bathroom fittings and fixtures. With lockdown restrictions easing, we still need to make sure that we keep our guards high at all times to prevent covid-19 spread. 

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