What Is Eternity Band And What Does It Signify?

An eternity band strengthens the bond between couples. Giving an eternity band on a life’s milestone like a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, first date, or birthday is always special. 

Usually, people prefer putting on an eternity band on their left hand’s third finger, but it’s not mandatory. You can wear it on any finger as the band signifies love and romance in life. 

Eternity Band: Meaning And Explanation

First of all, an eternity band, infinity ring, and an eternity ring are all the same. You can use these terms interchangeably. They are sourced from precious metals like diamond, gold, platinum, or synthetic diamonds. Sparkling infinity rings obtained from high-quality lab-grown diamonds are also available at various gem stores and online portals. 

You can gift a sparkling eternity band to your soulmate on the following occasions: 

  • First date
  • Marriage Anniversary
  • Valentine’s Day
  • His or Her Birthday
  • New Year
  • Engagement Ceremony

How To Wear Eternity Band

People love flaunting their eternity band on the same finger they already put on their engagement band and wedding rings. It helps you grab some additional attention as on-lookers would be startled to know what so many rings are doing on the same finger. But it makes your finger heavy and even a bit messy. 

Ideally, you should wear an infinity ring between your wedding ring and engagement band. You can choose any finger and any hand for it. 

Identifying The Best Quality Eternity Band 

Metals And Materials

The first thing that you should pay attention to is the quality of metals and materials used in the eternity ring. You can choose colorful gemstones to be engraved in the lab-grown diamond-made gleaming eternity rings. These diamonds come with better durability and luminescence. The ring should be spotless with no blemishes anywhere in it.

Eternity Ring Style

There is a wide variety of eternity rings available across the globe. Choosing a spectacular eternity ring made of synthetic diamond, which complements your engagement ring and marriage band, can be a perfect option for you. 

Size And Shape

It’s pretty simple to identify the perfect size of your eternity band. You can go ahead with the size of your existing engagement ring. Just by measuring the diameter of your current engagement ring and comparing the same to a ring size list, you can determine the exact size of your eternity band. 

The Relevance Of Eternity Band In Love

Relentless Love and Affection

Eternity band celebrates the love and affection of two souls who promised to grow old together. An eternity band made up of cultured diamonds can make any occasion or event joyous.

Flawless Style Statement

Flaunting a beautiful eternity ring on any important day of life makes you feel privileged. An elegant piece of eternity ring completes your festive look along with a wedding or engagement ring. 

In Conclusion

Nothing can be more spectacular as an anniversary gift than a dazzling piece of an eternity band. It always looks stunning with an everlasting shimmer. 

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