What is good to unclog a sewer pipe?


A sewer clogging problem can happen in any home or business and even at certain levels of blockage this is normal. And rest assured, it is not difficult to find what is good to unclog a sewer pipe.

As this is normal and easy to happen, it is important to understand how to deal with this problem. Including some very famous home methods, which can be used as an emergency, but never definitive.

Since it is always best to hire a professional plumber. For Plumbing Tips Consult here

It is always necessary to also remember that prevention is the best way to avoid clogging, but even in the home with the most careful people, clogging of pipes can occur.

Before we get into the tips of what is good to unclog the sewer pipe, it is always good to remember that you should avoid throwing garbage in the sinks, toilets, sewer pipes and drains.

In addition, a great prevention tip that few people know is that at least once a week it is good to pour a liter of boiling water down the drains and pipes, this helps to clean and melt the grease trapped in the pipes.

Now let’s get down to business, tips to unclog the sewer pipes in your house!

3 Ways to Unclog Sewer Pipes:

Below we’ve gathered some of the best practices to unclog the drainpipe in a practical way, quickly and especially with everything you already have at home, without the need to spend extra money.

Bicarbonate is universal:

An excellent way to unclog the sewer pipe without requiring a lot of physical effort or having to disassemble the drain pipe or siphon is to use a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

These two ingredients are very easy to find and almost everyone has them at home, and even those who don’t have them can be found in any supermarket.

The unblocking happens, as the mixture of the two elements causes a strong effervescence that is capable of plumbing the grease and other residues that may be obstructing the pipe. Flooring Tips

Some people also put a little lemon juice in the pipe, as it will react even faster and even more powerfully.

Boiling water with homemade ingredients:

Hot water is a great ally not only in preventing clogging, as mentioned above, since it is recommended to pour hot water into pipes regularly, but it is also effective

One of the ways to unclog the sewer pipe with hot water is to also add a little powdered yeast. You put two or 3 scoops on it and then pour the water over it. This method works similar to baking soda.

It also works to put detergent and hot water in the pipe, this should be done in the same way as above, but the ideal is to leave the detergent a little in the pipe and then pour the water.


Rubber Unblocker:

A simple method, but one that can be very effective is to use a rubber plunger in almost every home.

If you don’t have it in any shop you can find, and there are several sizes, the ideal is that you have one for the bathroom and another for the sink. The sink can even be smaller, since it works with the air vacuum, so it is necessary to completely seal the pipe inlet. For Plumbing Manual click here

To use this type of plunger you just need to put it in the pipe inlet and apply pressure. This type of unclogging method only works if the pipe is filled with water.

What is not Recommended:

Before going out trying to unclog the sewer pipe with any homemade method, we need to make some warnings.

Often in the desire to unclog quickly, we take anything to unclog. But when encountering obstacles, don’t try to use a broom or other hard objects that might crack or break the pipe. Broken pipes require more work and money to repair.

Also avoid pouring chemicals into the sewer pipes, as everything that goes into the sewer system ends up in the sewage treatment plant and can harm the water quality and the environment, not to mention that certain chemicals can damage the pipe .

One such example is caustic soda, it can even better resolve clogged pipes, but it can contaminate the water, corrode the pipes and even in contact with the skin of those using it can cause burns, so this method is not recommended.

Call a Plumber:

Despite the tips we talked about above to unclog sewage pipes at home, we want to reinforce the importance of calling a unclogs company.

The company has qualified and trained employees to solve the problem quickly and easily.

In addition, the plunger has all the material to perform the fastest and easiest method for your needs.

Best of all, it’s guaranteed that the job will be done permanently, so you don’t have to worry about clogged pipes anytime soon.

Invest in a plunger that you won’t regret, it can even be cheaper than homemade methods and you have less work.



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