What Should Be Your Recurring Customer Onboarding Strategy


Customer onboarding is a crucial time, and you need to pay attention at this phase. Your business strategy to onboard customers to some extent decides whether the customers in going to stay for a long time or not. When it comes to subscription business the importance of onboarding strategy becomes twofold because the success of the business depends on the customer retention rate. If customers stay on board, only then you can expect to collect targeted monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

In this article, you will read certain factors to decide the best customer onboarding strategy.

Know Your Customers (KYC)

It is very important to know the customers whom you want to target. When it comes to the SaaS business, it is not easy to define the customers. Many companies fail to target the audience that actually needs their services or product. So, it is better to adopt a feasible subscription management solution and consult with experts to target the right audience. You should think if customers do not need what you are offering, then why would they stay on board. Even if your SEO succeeds in making you acquire customers, you will fail to retain such customers who do not need your product.

Opt for Customer-Oriented Approach

Customers have to be the point of focus for a subscription business. and your recurring payment software can help on satisfying them. These software generate accurate bills and invoices. Bills and invoices are one of the ways to satisfy them. For instance, you bill your recurring customer but there is some mistake in the bill. If the customer is charged for more than what he owes to pay, he will not stay on board. Only happy customers stay on board for longer. That’s the reason subscription businesses focus on bringing happy them.

Offer Tutorials and Training

Many SaaS platforms are not easy to use. Though developers and programmers put all their effort, the user-friendliness of some software is not as expected in which case it becomes challenging for the customer to understand how the system works. You can provide your recurring customers with tutorials. If they need it, you should also offer them training so that they can understand the system that you are providing them with.

Communicate Timely

When you are working on your customer onboarding strategy, you should communicate with customers effectively. Whether you run B2B or B2C business, the importance of communication with the customer is undeniable. Your tone should be effective while communicating with the customer. There are various points where you have to communicate with the customer. Customer support is one of the most important points where you need to communicate with the customer. Many of them contact you only when they have some crucial issue. It should be part of the onboarding strategy that how would you communicate with the recurring customer so that you will not only acquire but retain your customer as well.

Offer Personalized Experience

In subscription businesses, businesses retain customers by offering a personalized experience. for instance, there are some subscription businesses operating through subscription management software, they offer customized subscription plans. The customer is given the feasibility to come up with the subscription plan that he likes if he does not want already existing subscription plans. Some companies also offer personalized subscription boxes so the they does not get just one but the range of products that he needs.

If you want to formulate a customer onboarding strategy that can help you bring more recurring customers, then your customer onboarding strategy has to be perfect. The process of turning a lead into a loyal customer is not easy. It hugely depends on your customer onboarding strategy. SubscriptionFlow is subscription management as well as sales tax software that offers customer consultancy as well. If you want a robust customer onboarding strategy, then you can contact experts at SubscriptionFlow.

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