When Granny Takes Over TikTok – Hilarious Memes You Can’t Help But Laugh At

TikTok is a mobile app that lets users create and share short videos. It’s a trend that started on devices, but has spread to the web.

In the past few years, young people on TikTok have taken up “grandma era” behaviors — like knitting and crocheting. These habits can help them connect with their families, while also allowing them to relax and unwind.

Definition of Granny TikTok Memes

If you’ve ever heard about a trend on TikTok, you probably already know that it can spread like wildfire. One user shares it, and it’s passed on to the next person until everyone has seen it.

The latest trend is the Old Granny Meme, and it’s taking over TikTok. It’s all about pranking your friends and asking them to search for “old grannies” on Google, but the results can be incredibly disturbing!

But the real fun comes from the hilarious reactions you’ll get while searching for this specific phrase. It’s a simple trick that deceives people into looking for something they don’t want to see, but will ultimately make them laugh.

Now, if you’re not familiar with TikTok, the app is a popular social media platform that allows users to record and upload videos. This enables people to share their creativity with others and get a following.

In addition to a booming business, the app also offers many features that aren’t available on other platforms. In particular, TikTok’s in-app music service is a great way to attract attention to your content. But it’s not always easy to become a famous artist on the platform.

Why they’re Popular

TikTok is a popular app that allows users to create and share short videos with their friends. These videos are usually funny and engaging.

The app has become a haven for people who want to express themselves in a creative way, and many older people are joining the platform as well. These older people can also use TikTok to have fun and interact with other people.

One of the most popular trends on TikTok is the Old Grannies trend. This trend involves asking your friends or family to search the phrase “Old Grannies” on Google, which will then show some revealing or disturbing images of elderly people.

Unlike other viral trends on TikTok, this trend is actually quite crude and can be dangerous. It can be difficult to get away from if you fall for it, so many people are trying to warn others not to do it.

In addition to the Old Grannies trend, there are a few other funny memes on TikTok that you can’t help but laugh at. These include the ‘coastal grandmother’ craze, ‘Joey Ruben’s TikTok accounts’ and ‘Pizza Slime’s’ hilarious media brand.

The Best Granny TikTok Memes

TikTok is full of viral trends, and most are pretty funny or lighthearted. However, there’s one trend that’s getting everyone really worried and is causing people to do something they shouldn’t.

A new TikTok meme is going viral that involves trying to trick people into searching “Old Grannies” on Google. This could end up taking you to some disturbing X-rated content.

Some people are even posting videos warning people not to do this! But some people are just so engrossed in this TikTok meme that they’re falling for it.

Old grannies are a popular topic on TikTok, and many people are creating TikTok videos about them. These videos go viral, and the creators get a lot of praise from their followers.

One of the most popular grannies on TikTok is Grandma Bobbe, with over 5.2 million followers. She is often seen on her grandson’s TikTok accounts, and she also creates her own TikTok videos that are very funny.

Granny Dance Challenges

A video showing a grandmother putting all the kids around her to shame has gone viral online. This is one of the funniest TikTok videos you’ll ever see.

Netizens couldn’t help but gush over this video of a groovy granny dancing to her granddaughter Alaria’s favorite song. She’s acing the moves perfectly, and she’s even getting some cheering from her family members.

The video has had over 4,000 views, and some people have written that it was a’super-special’ moment for the grandma. Others have even asked the user to upload more pictures of her groovy granny.

While TikTok is primarily a place for young users to strut their stuff, it’s also a great way for families to connect. In fact, there are thousands of TikTok dance challenges out there that involve multiple generations tackling the same challenge together.

For example, there are two grandparents who go by “Granmacca” who are taking on some of the most popular dance challenges set by their grandkids. Their videos are so cute, and they always do an amazing job of repping their matching outfits.

Another TikTok dance challenge that’s a hit is to Laxed (Siren Beat) by Jawsh 685. It’s a routine that 88-year-old Ruth has been teaching her granddaughter Jess during lockdown, and it’s now got 30 million views.

Granny Reacting to Modern Technology

Bringing older relatives up to speed with modern technology can be like pushing your grandkids down a flight of stairs. This is where a good old fashioned face to face conversation comes in handy. A bafflingly uncooperative grandmother is no help, so a little trial and error can go a long way. This video proves it can be done. It also demonstrates that it’s not just the kids who need to learn. After all, who wants to be left out in the cold?

Granny Jokes and Pranks

There are a lot of pranks you can play on grandparents, and many of them are super simple to do. You can glue a quarter to the ground, make your grandma think that she has a bug in her ice cubes or use Google’s 3D animals feature to create an in-home visit from a cheetah or panda.

There is nothing that brings a family closer together than a good joke. So why not incorporate it into your next April Fools’ Day prank?

One of the most popular granny TikTok videos is from a 96-year-old grandmother who has gained more than 700k followers. Known as Grandma Holla, the seasoned lady has made herself a viral sensation with her quick one-liners and out-of-the-box comments.

She also responds to random questions from fans and shows her reactions to modern technology. Her TikTok account features relatable videos that are incredibly funny and entertaining.

Another popular granny TikTok star is a woman who calls herself Fran the Hip Gram. She didn’t know anything about the social media app until her granddaughter posted a video of her. Now O’Brien has become a popular gran on TikTok and has more than 7.3 million views on her first video.


In the last year, senior citizens have started to take over TikTok with their hilarious, blunt advice videos that netizens love. Whether they’re making fun of their younger generations, reacting to modern technology or just showing off their wisdom, senior influencers are becoming a trend on the platform.

Many of these accounts focus on sharing funny dancing clips and tips for living a good life. Some even share branded videos for brands like DoorDash and have been able to score a cookbook deal.

One of the hottest trends for TikTokers is the ‘coastal grandmother aesthetic’, which combines neutral colour palettes with natural materials and soft furnishings. According to Matilda Martin, Trends Specialist at home decor brand Lick, the style is all about creating a home that encourages relaxing moments and inviting family and friends. Often seen in ‘fashionably romcom’ grandmothers like Diane Keaton, the aesthetic is also gaining traction on Instagram. It’s a trend that has gained 334 per cent more Google searches in the past week alone. It’s a great way to upgrade your interior.

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs) 

Q: Who started the trend of Granny TikTok memes?

The origin of the Granny TikTok meme trend is unclear, but it gained popularity in 2020 and 2021 as more and more users began creating and sharing humorous videos featuring elderly women.

Q: How do I find the best Granny TikTok memes to watch?

You can search for Granny TikTok memes using hashtags like #grannytiktok or #grandmamemes. You can also follow accounts that specialize in sharing Granny TikTok memes, or simply browse the “For You” page on TikTok to find popular videos.

Q: Are the grannies in the memes real or are they actors?

Many of the grannies featured in Granny TikTok memes are real people, often relatives or friends of the creators. However, some memes may feature actors or staged scenarios.

Q: What makes Granny TikTok memes so popular and why do they resonate with audiences?

Granny TikTok memes are popular because they combine humor with relatable themes, such as the generation gap between young people and the elderly, the challenges of aging, and the joys of family and community. They also offer a refreshing perspective on social media, which is often dominated by youth culture and influencers.

Have any of the grannies from the memes become social media influencers or celebrities?

Yes, some of the grannies featured in Granny TikTok memes have become social media influencers and celebrities in their own right. For example, Mary Jo Laupp, a 51-year-old grandmother from Iowa, became a viral sensation in 2020 after her TikTok video encouraging users to reserve tickets to a Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went viral. Similarly, Ruth, a 90-year-old grandmother from England, gained a large following on TikTok after her grandson began sharing videos of her humorous antics.

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