Which VPN Features Should You Care About

As the world is becoming increasingly reliant on the internet, cyber or cybersecurity threats are also on the rise. It is crucial to shield your internet activities, identity, and other sensitive data from malicious attacks. With so many VPNs available on the market, it is difficult to find the right one for yourself. Rest easy. We have carefully chosen all the essential features you need to look for before subscribing to a VPN service. 

  • Number of servers offered by your VPN Provider

VPN providers that fail to allot sufficient servers for their users often experience server overload and performance instability. It largely affects the overall speed of your browsing. For this reason, it is important to choose a provider that offers a broad range of server locations.

  • Privacy & Security

Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) tracks all your internet activities. This is where a VPN or Virtual Private Network comes into the scene; it will allow you to browse with an encrypted connection. Your data is split into small packets and made to travel through encrypted tunnels making it impossible for ISP and third parties to read the information. Additionally, an ideal VPN will let you bypass geo-blocking and access region-restricted content. For example, you can click here to know how you can access US Netflix from Australia with VPN.  It is therefore important to go for a VPN service that offers maximum privacy protection and comes with additional security features that will safeguard your identity and online activities. Additionally, if cybersecurity is your top priority, consider investing in a reliable antivirus—just to have a strong security in place in case things don’t go as planned. How to pick one? Play safe and go with a reliable company. Bitdefender deals keep popping up every now and then, so you can take that recommendation as your starting point.

  • Supports Multiple Devices

As technology is constantly evolving, a VPN service is not just essential for your desktop computer but also for smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and other devices. It is not necessary to run different VPNs on different devices. Choose a VPN service that will allow you to connect more than one device with a single subscription

  • Protect Data with no-log policy

Many users make the mistake of opting for a VPN service that can collect their personal data and may sell it. Therefore, it is safe to go for the ones that do not store traffic logs. We recommend Bitdefender VPN, it has a strict no-log approach when it comes to collecting and selling sensitive information that travels through their servers. 

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)
Multi-Factor Authentication is an authentication procedure that will improve security by prompting one to sign in with more than just an individual’s username and password. The aim of a VPN service that provides multi-factor authentication is to offer top-notch assurance for the identity of a user who is making an effort to access a remedy via VPN. 
  • In-built Ad Blocker

Advertisements like pop-ups can not only disrupt your browsing experience but also track your internet activities which is a major threat to your privacy. To stop third-party ad domains from setting trackers and malware on the device, invest in a VPN equipped with an ad-blocking feature. Now you can enjoy browsing with the highest standard of privacy protection.

  • Firewall 

Enhance the security of your connection by selecting a VPN that comes with a firewall. A firewall provides network security by checking traffic and deciding to authorize or block certain traffic following some specified rules. It adds an extra layer of protection to your sensitive data and personal information from hackers

  • VPN with Kill Switch

Contrary to popular belief, VPNs do not guarantee complete protection. They are sensitive to IP leaks, hence, you run the risk of disclosing your real IP address while performing your online activities. This is why you need a VPN equipped with a kill switch. If the operation of your VPN service is weighed down, an integrated kill switch will terminate data transfer and save your IP from getting exposed.

  • Router-Compatibility

Connecting every personal device to a VPN can cause inconvenience to many so it is important to get a VPN that can be connected to your home network router. This will enable you to enjoy VPN services on all your devices without having to install them. 

  • Round The Clock Customer Support

Excellent customer service leads to happy customers who discuss the product or service with prospective customers. To familiarize yourself with the service,  it is safe to subscribe to a VPN provider that is dedicated to offering 24/7 Customer Support.

  • Cost-effective

Getting a good VPN does not mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket. Check the market price of all the leading VPN services and compare them based on the price for the features they are offering before investing in one.


A VPN will surely protect your intellectual property by hiding your browsing activities and identity, however, it does not guarantee complete anonymity from ISP, network administrators and government. Viewing VPN as the only exclusive key to all your security and privacy issues is risky.

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