Who Owns Fox News?


Who Owns Fox News?

Many are surprised to learn that the conservative think tank that publishes a newspaper called the Fox News has a section devoted to asking the question, “Who Owns Fox News?” Many are even more shocked to learn that this question was included in the original version of the famous Enron Corporation financial disaster. In fact, it was this question which prompted the U.S. Congress to write the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The original law contained a clause which stated that if a consumer agreed to pay for a product and then lost that product as a result of some fault or error of his or her own, then the debtor could sue the party responsible for the failure. Although the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is often considered one of the nation’s toughest laws, many people wonder how effective it really is.

The answer to the question who owns Fox News may surprise some and may even shock some individuals to find that the answer is none of the above. Contrary to popular belief, Fox News is not an arm of the conservative movement. Rather, the news channels itself is a media conglomerate and is part of the conservative movement as much as it is part of the right-wing. In fact, the founder of Fox News, who happened to be an ardent right-wing Republican and staunch abortion advocate, was an outspoken critic of the George W. Bush administration’s stance on reproductive health care. If any of the other cable news channels had repeated those views, Fox News would not exist.

The question of who owns Fox News was also raised when it was suggested that Sarah Palin might become the next prime minister of the United States. Ms. Palin is an avid climate change denier and has called global warming a “hoax.” Many on the far right viewed this as a slight against the prime minister, who happens to be a strong advocate for drilling for oil in the Arctic.

This raises the question of who owns Fox News? The answer to that question is Rupertorial interests. Mr. Rupert is a media mogul and he owns outlets in dozens of countries around the world. Further, he has political influence at the highest levels of government in Canada and Australia as well as in the United States and he is a strong supporter of numerous think tanks and groups that promote the denial of climate change.

Further, he is the chief content officer of the Fox television network, which is the biggest property in the world and has the most popular television program in the United States. Further, he co-founded the National Geographic Traveler with another media mogul, his wife. So, according to the who owns fox news, it is safe to assume that the prime minister of Canada, the progressive left wing New Labor leader and lead the opposition party have a direct stake in who owns fox news. In fact, it was noted by noted Canadian scholar and thinker, Keith Parkinson that Mr. Rupert’s “ties to the media and his enormous wealth have placed him at the center of our media system”. Mr. Parkinson went on to state, “The relationship between the press and the powerful is a fascinating one, but the real centre of gravity in our society is the corporate business and the corporate executive”.

Further, it should be noted that this partnership between Mr. Rupert and Ms. Winfrey comes at a time when there appears to be a war on for the soul of the Democratic Party. Many on the far left are calling for the party to embrace the anti-corporate globalization and open market forces which came about with the defeat of the free-market capitalism of the 1980s. At the same time, many prominent Democrats in congress and the Senate are busy fighting the Tea Party or their fellow travelers who want to fundamentally alter the way the government does business. Therefore, although the answer to who owns Fox News may not be the answer to who controls the United States Congress, it could well be the beginning of a major war between the democratic parties in the U.S. and the far-right Right.

On another note, it should also be noted that this alliance between Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Rupert comes at a time when there are already serious discussions in congress over campaign finance reform. Ms. Winfrey’s liberal views on the War in Iraq and her support for the White House cause during the last presidential campaign put her at odds with the more conservative members of congress and the Democrats’ presidential ticket. This fact and her personal friendship with the current White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly, added to the intrigue surrounding the question of who owns Fox News.

If nothing else, Mr. James Woolsey’s statement that Mr. Rupert is the “perfect partner” for whom he will resign as CEO of the company should be an encouragement to investors and readers alike. Mr. Woolsey is a venture capitalist who has recently taken a turn into politics. The timing of his comments regarding Mr. Rupert, however, was not intended to suggest anything negative about Fox News and its programming. In fact, it was simply a compliment. Mr. Rupert is a valued corporate citizen and entrepreneur who are an incredible asset to Fox News and to the world of entertainment business.

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