Why a VPS is the Best Option for Hosting a Game Server

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Online gaming is one of the most convenient and fun ways to connect with friends and family remotely. The customization and socialization available through MMOs and other online games makes them engaging, whether you’re competing or working together as a team. Many online games require a VPS (Virtual Private Server) and a dedicated server for hosting. The best VPS for game hosting is typically much less expensive than a dedicated server, highly reliable, and is the go-to choice for many gamers.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

Virtual private servers, otherwise known as VPS, are a low-cost hosting solution that utilizes a partitioned section of dedicated server hardware. The dedicated server may host a collection of virtual private servers, but each VPS has its own operating system and hard drive space so that each VPS stays disconnected from the others. The VPS will have a unique IP address and storage and carries several security benefits compared with hosting at home. 

A VPS comes at a significantly lower cost than dedicated hardware and can handle the vast majority of gaming needs. Most VPS are available through cloud-hosting providers that also operate dedicated servers for more high-end clients. Prices for VPS typically range from $6 to $40 per month, depending on the speed and storage customizations. Dedicated servers, by comparison, start around $100 a month- well outside the budget of most gamers. 

Your cloud hosting or VPS provider will typically supply you with a high-security login to get started after purchasing. After logging in, there are many configuration options available for maximizing the value of your VPS. Create new users, change security settings, and update the server as needed. 

What Are the Benefits of Using a VPS?

There are many benefits to using a VPS for game hosting beyond the monthly price tag. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between the lower and upper product tiers when searching for a VPS. The benefits of using a VPS that are associated with performance increase significantly with the price.  

VPS Utilizes High-End Processors 

A quick processor is a necessity for hosting any gaming server. Hosting on your own hardware may put enough strain on your processor and memory capabilities so that playing the game and hosting at the same time is impossible. As the number of users on your gaming server increases, so to will the memory and processor requirements. With a VPS, you won’t need to worry about the technical specifications. VPS providers typically use the best SSDs and processor chips available on the market to keep ping rates low and computing power high. Lag and other game interruptions associated with hosting are unlikely to cause a problem, making gaming a more enjoyable experience.

Data Security

Hosting a game server through a cloud services provider greatly reduces the risk of hacks or DDOS attacks, whether you choose to work with a VPS or dedicated server. Your personal hardware will no longer be at risk, and any data associated with your game server will stay highly secure. The configuration options available with most VPS can create additional firewalls and data security, if necessary for your situation. Because a VPS exists in a partitioned space, any other VPS your provider is hosting on the same hardware is in complete isolation from your server, and therefore cannot pose a security threat. 

Reliable Connection and Low Down Time

Hosting your game server with a virtual private server will reduce or may eliminate the possibility of the server crashing. Game servers hosted with VPS can stay online indefinitely and are easy to connect to, so you’ll never have an issue connecting with other gamers. Taking the game server offline is a simple configuration option similar to the security settings mentioned above.

Scalability and Flexible Technical Specs

Most cloud service providers have a few price tiers with differences in technical specifications and associated services. If you start with the lowest pricing option for hosting your gaming server, you can always upgrade the technical specs of your VPS to accommodate additional players or servers as needed. Most low-cost VPS have limits surrounding memory, storage, and bandwidth. As your player count increases, you may find that a few additional GBs of memory or an additional 250 Mbps of bandwidth makes all the difference for reducing lag and allowing everyone to play together simultaneously.

What Games Utilize a VPS or Dedicated Server?

The most popular video game that can utilize a dedicated server is Minecraft, which boasts an impressive player count of 126 million users. The customization options available when hosting your own server are nearly limitless. You’ll be able to control a variety of settings for building your world and working together with other players. You can also boot players from the server and manage a variety of environmental features. 

Other popular games that benefit from a VPS or dedicated server are Rust, Ark, and Team Fortress. Older standby games like Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive also work well with a VPS. Newer games like Rust with more demanding system requirements may require a higher-end VPS or dedicated hardware for hosting. 

Conclusion– Why a VPS is the Best Option for Hosting a Gaming Server

If you’re interested in hosting a personal gaming server, a VPS is most likely to meet your needs while keeping costs low. A VPS has many unique benefits beyond the cost, with high-end processors that reduce lag, impressive data security, reliable connection, and scalable memory and bandwidth limits. If you are hosting for a larger group, or if the current memory and processor of your VPS aren’t sufficient, you may want to consider upgrading to dedicated hardware. Whichever hosting option you choose to work with, your gaming server is sure to provide an upgrading experience from hosting from home.      

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