Why does everyone love to travel so much?Exploration All ’round’


Humans have always been keen to discover things that are unknown to them. From primitive explorers like Vasco Da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Amerigo Vespucci and many others had set out to unknown paths and discovered some of the richest cultures & landscapes.

Our varied interests are how the world becomes unique. For instance, somebody has been facing difficulties losing their body weight and wishes to invest in weight loss supplements like lipozene. On the other hand, you might be a nomad from the core and want to devote your income towards going to new places.

By interaction with some avid travel minds we have thus listed few reasons for why we think travelling is so important for us :

1) To memorialize 

They say every little occasion can be turned into a meaningful experience.

Most of us at some point have taken an extra step to go for a vacation when it is someone’s birthday, anniversary, months before having a baby.

And that positively impacted our memory of that day, it goes from just being special to otherworldly.

We also tend to be more attentive and caring towards our loved ones when travelling.

2) To tranquillize 

Everybody needs someone they can open up to be without the fear of being judged.

But that happens so rarely in our daily lives, we have discovered contemporary ways of therapy altogether.

Visiting most expensive hotels in india is expected to be relaxing for you, especially because we need to be pampered once in a while.

Meeting new people and making new experiences with these people will surely help us grow from within and that stability can then keep us calm in any sort of situation.

3) To be challenged 

We tend to be the most comfortable in our daily routines but when it comes to breaking out of it, fear engulfs everything.

Travelling is one the best rational exercise if you are a person with tons of insecurity.

Even when you’re taking a trip with a perfectly charted out itinerary it is impossible to plan life.

If you get to try fusion pizza side dishes at a Mexican restaurant then just go for it as the new taste will open you to more exotic things.

4) To eat local cuisine 

Remember when you were a teenager and your parents had to find clever ways. And they try to feed you that bowl of salad? We’ve all been there.

To travel to an unknown city, state or country also implies for you to dive into their traditional cuisine.

There’s a saying ” if you don’t like to eat something then you just haven’t found another way to eat it. And that’s really true to an extent.

As we try local dishes instead of our same ol’ favourites. Not only are we going to be tasting something new but also overcome the irrational fears that ultimately makes us rigid about eating.

5) To grow

Yes, it is a universal belief that a person is open to unusual experiences. And will inevitably grow in terms of their values, perspective, traits etc.

Being part of a distinct culture and following in their traditions. We will pick up habits that fit with our wavelength.

These habits when applied to our lifestyle will give us a new edge.

A statistic shows that people who travel more often are 7% more satisfied with life. At that time, when compared to be people who don’t.

Various surveys say that travelling makes us self-aware, meaning it puts us in certain unprecedented scenarios. Which shows us how we react to it.

After reading this entire article, if you’re excited about going on a vacay then Bon Voyage!

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