Why I Choose to Work in Retail

I have long held a retail job. A lot of people consider it a dead-end career, but I am here to tell you why I don’t believe that is the case! I also believe that you can learn a lot from working in retail, and that it is one of the most rewarding careers.

I am writing this to dispel the myths and stereotypes of working in retail, and to give you a realistic look at what it’s like.

You Don’t Need Experience

Fact: Anyone can work in retail. No matter what your age, background, or qualifications are – if you want a job and you’re willing to learn, there is a place for you! Retail organizations are always hiring – from cashiers to managers.

You can get started easily!

All that is required is an application form (often online) and then an interview with the manager of the store. If hired as a part-time student worker or as a seasonal/holiday worker, there will be some on-the-job training required before going on shift by observing another employee first hand for about one hour before taking over their duties.

The Best Thing

The best thing about working in retail? You don’t need experience because everyone starts out on the same level playing field here – fresh out of high school or straight from university!

I know many people who had no retail experience when they began their jobs but have since been promoted into management positions within just two years because they were eager learners who showed initiative above others by taking on responsibilities that weren’t originally assigned to them but which they saw needed doing!

You Learn How to Work with People (And How Not to)

When you work in retail, you will learn how to deal with all kinds of people! You will encounter the regular customers who are friendly and polite. There are also the regular customers who can be quite rude and demanding.

Then there are the people who come in just to bother you because they have nothing better to do.

And then there are the ones

that just won’t leave you alone no matter what you say or do! It’s important, however, not let yourself get into a situation where these types of people get under your skin. Because generally speaking, they don’t really mean any harm anyway.

Just try to maintain your composure and be polite back – it’s all part of working in retail! And if one customer does become too much for you, there’s always someone else to take their place. Plus it is great practice for becoming a good conversationalist!

You May Live Your Dream Job One Day

When I was in high school I thought about being an artist when I grew up.

Not a photographer or an illustrator – but an “artist” – whatever that means! I had no clue how difficult it would be to make money as an artist doing art full time.

My Story

But when I started my first job at Forever 21 after graduating from high school, I realized that not only could I make money doing art, I could do it and love it at the same time! (It helped that I got to work with fashion and music too!) I’ve worked in retail for over seven years now and I continue to find new ways to express my creativity through my work.

It’s not always easy, but the rewards are worth the hard work.

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